FINE Global Co., Ltd. is a professional defense trading company that cooperates with FINE Inc., the best manufacturer of military vessels and Hypalon fabric in the Republic of Korea. As a professional defense trading company, FINE Global Co., Ltd. is supplying not only military boats but also various military solutions such as unmanned military solutions, water

U-JIN TECH Corp. has provided friction welding machines and solutions to many manufacturing clients in the automotive, construction, oil and gas industries since 2000. As a result of tireless efforts, U-JIN TECH’s friction welding machine is widely used by manufacturers in different countries for efficiency, cost saving, short cycle time and environmental

Established in 1989, FINE Inc. started its business as one of the most reputable manufacturers of automobile engines, washing machines for transmission assembly lines, leak test machines and automation systems for major automotive brand companies in Korea.
FINE Inc. has since expanded its business

Innosimulation’s SIMREX FTS is a highperformance train-operator training simulator developed with a focus on preventive drills to train operators and enable them to respond quickly to emergencies.
SIMREX FTS is a full-featured train simulator that provides a highly reliable

The SIMREX HDS model is a simulator for repetitive drills for driving forklifts more than three tons for adults who are driving license holders and targets construction machine operation education institutions and heavy equipment

Asia Technology’s Boom Sprayer allows users to spray nutrients, micro-organisms, wood vinegar, etc. to realize green farming and make high income. One single person can use the sprayer without any assistant. Front spraying is possible, enabling users to spray materials while looking at crops, thus minimizing damage to crops.
As this product sprays materials evenly

Asia Technology’s multi-purpose cultivator (AMC-880SM / 880ST / 880T) is equipped with the latest electronic engine. Less vibration and noise make it comfortable to operate with the cultivator. The cultivator can even be easily started by women and elderly people. Moreover, its special crankshaft has a semi-

Kisan Machinery currently has various models of underwater equipment. Among them, the KGR model is equipped with a grinding impeller made of special chrome alloy steel, which is excellent at grinding and transporting cords, cloth and vinyl. Various types of grinding blades can be applied according to