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November 26, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C25] Color Sorter (IA+) uses an RGB camera to detect the color of materials, thereby sorting out defective materials or anything with a color that is different from what it should be. It is a cutting-edge color-recognition sensor that distinguishes and reads 1600ks. different colors. It not only detects color, but also uses a shape-detection and component-detection sensor (NIR camera: option) to distinguish materials that are shaped differently. In addition, it analyzes near-infrared wavelengths of substances contained in light reflected by materials to discern foreign substances.
Self-developed using know-how accumulated over time, and globally recognized technology, the ejector is superior in terms of accuracy and durability compared to competing products, and can eject materials up to a billion times.
This product is designed to achieve a consistent sorting rate under any conditions, thereby providing customers with a reliable and safe work environment as well as results. Just as small differences often make huge differences, the company’s technological prowess is what sets it apart from its competitors.
Moreover, it provides a user-friendly touch screen interface (OS: Android) and is designed to ensure durability even in extreme conditions. The company supports remote control services, which allow users located in any part of Korea to get their system issues inspected and resolved within five minutes, and receive maintenance services.

Color Sorter
After being established in 1970, Daewon GSI Co., Ltd has consolidated its position as a leading manufacturer of produce processing equipment and an RPC (Rice Processing Complex) for over 50 years. In 1995, the company opened a technological research lab and developed Korea’s first color sorter as well as various other kinds of grain processing equipment. The company currently holds over 60 different types of patents and utility models.
Since 1994, it has been exporting to China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Russia, Peru, and Colombia, capturing 32.7% of the global market share. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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