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January 11, 2012

Aurora-Character Stuffed ToysReflecting the growing awareness about the protection of the eco system worldwide beginning from the 2000s, Aurora World Corp. launched in 2007 new animal characters named YooHoo& Friends, based on species at risk of extinction because of worsening environmental conditions.

The animal characters include endangered species representing each continent such as an adventurous bush baby ‘Yoohoo,’ a kind-hearted fennec fox ‘Pammee,’ a creative smart capuchin monkey ‘Roodee,’ an outgoing red squirrel ‘Chewoo,’ a considerate and grumbling monkdy ‘Lemmee,’ a snowy owl ‘Loonee,’ a skunk ‘Sparkee’ and a tarsier ‘Josee.’

These animal character stuffed toys sell well around the world, particularly in Europe, the U.S.A and Japan. The plush animals were also created to be a 2D animated series to educate children about protection and preservation of the environment. The episodes were aired in Korea on the Korean Broadcasting System network and local cable channels.

As Korea’s leading character and contents company, Aurora World Corp. provides a wide range of affordable, highquality plush toys and gifts for kids around the world. Since its founding in 1985, Aurora World Inc. has expanded its overseas market base and become one of the most wellknown plush companies in the global market, enjoying strong export volume. About 92% of its revenues come from overseas markets, and its brand recognition in the U.S.A. and Russia ranks second and first, respectively.

Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Aurora has overseas production facilities in Indonesia and China, along with its own R&D centersand global distribution networks. Aurora’s character products sell via numerous retail outlets worldwide, including major zoos, department stores, high-end toy stores, and top gift chains, including top department stores such as Harrods in London.

In particular, its global research centers focus on creating products that reflect different regional tastes, lifestyles, trends and the customers’ specific preferences, in collaboration with directors and designers, based on market research, product and character development and brand management. The differentiated design, strict quality control and large variety as well as international manufacturing and R&D-based design & character development are the hallmarks of Aurora, which contributes to the company’s success in the market.

Using this broad-based infrastructure, Aurora provides a huge scope of plush toys, from baby toys to unusual plush animals. Aurora’s line of products is designed for safety and durability, and all of their plushes feature both stitched eyes and noses, or lock washer eyes and noses. All of Aurora’s plush products are made of high quality, kid safeand non-toxic new materials, and their prices are highly competitive.

● Aurora World Corp.
997, Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)3420-4114
Fax: (82-2)3420-4004
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