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Toy Blocks for Children

Coblock is a soft baby jelly block that can be assembled into various shapes. Containing no harmful substances, it can be used as a teething ring and as a toy. Made also of soft material, it is very effective for the development of the small muscles of a child. Coblock first block ensures safety while providing educational benefits,

Smart Educational Toys

Attocube Co., Ltd. is a company that leads new and creative education and play culture for children through IT technology providing services for kindergartens and daycare centers. It runs classes at Hyundai, Lotte, and NC department stores and has signed an MOU

Kids’ Toy “Dino Truck“

Daesungtoys Co., Ltd. is a Korean toy company committed to developing a better children’s playing culture under the corporate philosophy that every child has his or her own unique possibilities and potentials, which can be developed through ‘playing culture,’ not…

Paper Furniture

INQ. NO. 1304C19] Green Gaia designs and manufactures paper furniture that can be used by anyone in daily living under the brand name of Funny Paper in Korea. For the safety issue, paper-furniture from Funny Paper is made of safe…

Character Stuffed Toys

Reflecting the growing awareness about the protection of the eco system worldwide beginning from the 2000s, Aurora World Corp. launched in 2007 new animal characters named YooHoo& Friends, based on species at risk of extinction because of worsening environmental conditions.…