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August 16, 2022[INQ. NO. 2208C06] Kids Medicine Self-Dispenser helps children take medicines without aversion with toy containing medicine.

Unlike the existing medicine bottles that are cheap but directly affect the environment as they are used once and thrown away, this product can be recycled and reused.

Made using ICT technology, when a dose is taken, a notification is sent to the mobile phone of the user including institutions such as kindergarten and parents, thus it is informationalized by the cloud service instead of the conventional manual recording, thereby reducing the effort of institutions or individuals to keep a journal.



Conventionally, hospitals prescribe three bottles of liquid medicine for medication prescribed three times a day, which are disposable and must be discarded after taking the medicine. And since they are shot straight, the liquid medicine creates a strong aversion to a child, making them afraid of the bottle itself. In addition, it causes an environmental problem in that a large number of microplastics are released during washing.



Kids Medicine Self-Dispenser encourages users to voluntarily engage in the de-plasticization movement, reducing disposables by allowing them to be reused instead of using millions of disposable bottles. It also provides audiovisual enjoyment for children by playing an interesting sound.



ADDUS, a women’s company, specializes in developing baby products, whose main products include baby medication dispensers and private diaper changing pads. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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