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February 23, 2012

wonbiogen-Hydrocolloid-DressingReleased by Wonbiogen (wonbiogen.co.kr), Renoderm is hypoallergenic Hydrocolloid dressing which heal a wound quickly without application of salve. Renoderm features the absorption of exudation (ooze/discharge from sores) and the dissolution of necrotic tissues it creates a moist environment optimal for the activities of skin regeneration to ensure quick recovery of woounds.

Renoderm hydrocolloid dressing is made of such a soft, light-yellow, comfortable material that its elasticity helps adjust to every detail and movement of patient’s body and its excellent adhesive power can respond to every curve of the user’s body. Thus, it will not easily come off during shower or swimming. Furthermore, as it becomes milk-colored when it absorbs discharge from wounds, it is easy to know when to replace it with new one. Type is 10×10cm, spot that is attach after removed a mole by the laser.

Wonbiogen is the first venture in Korea specializing in medical materials that has developed dressings for all kinds of moist environments. It has developed Release Paper casting process, which breaks from mould of traditional production and already secured intellectual property rights. we are becoming the most successful company with the best technology in the biological industry.

The company’s main items include Inofoam, Remscar is Silicone gel sheet and Renoderm. The Inofoam is Polyurethane foam dressing laminated to a thick soft, elastic and breathable polyurethane film. It is used to dress highly exudating wounds that legulcers, pressure ulcers. And, Remscar is Silicone gel sheet dressing for scar improvement. For more information, you can make contact to ajowayo79@nate.com.

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