Thermometers[INQ. NO. 1403C32] The body temperature is a good indicator of health. By placing a medical device in our mouth or in our ears, a doctor can measure the temperature to determine the status. This handy gadget is called “Medical thermometer.” There are a few different types: mercury, liquid, and electronic. More and more people are drawn to use the electronic one as it is compact, inexpensive, and easy-to-use. And Korea’s Easytem is prepared to create and apply more values to the digital thermometer market.

Easytem has become the head of the industry by developing and providing high quality thermometers and thermography. However, just being good does not sell.

Easytem’s creative and innovative thermal imaging technologies do the job : thermopile and thermal array. With this foundation, the firm has been able to release reliable and effective healthcare devices such as infrared thermometers for various purposes. Easytem’s accurate and dependable high quality hermometers are for you and your family’s health. With its proven detection rate, this speedy and convenient device allows everyone to measure the temperature easily so that they can quickly respond to it.

A small difference in the human temperature means a lot. And how to get the result could be preferred in several different ways, Easytem recognizes your need and offers handy thermometer models for the ear and/or forehead or remote-based detection.

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X-ray Systems

32 • March 2014[INQ. NO. 1403C23] Founded in 1994, Poskom ( designs and manufacturers highest quality of diagnostic Xray systems, x-ray generators and power supplies for medical and telecommunication industry. Our innovative products and solutions have found recognition among medical and industrial practitioners for decades. With higher that 70% of domestic market shares, It supplies customized generators and x-ray modules to major Korean and international manufacturers. Poskom portable x-ray units keep top brand in the world market and loved by many medical doctors and veterinarians.

As a contributor to healthcare industry, Poskom received award of best technology corporation by Korean ministry of commerce and industry in 2003. Ever since its first export of x-ray solutions to Japan in 1996, Poskom has rapidly expanded its market base into the US, EU, China and other areas. The company has built strong sales and service networks with its local representatives in order to satisfy its customers’ needs and requirements.

Poskom’s next goal is to create most reliable and compatible business partnership throughout global alliance for OEM distribution and higher technological advance.

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KIMES 2014

The 30th Korea International Medical & Hospital Show (KIMES 2014) will take place at COEX in Seoul from 13 to 16 March in 2014. The Asia’s premier medical event has been growing as the hub of attraction for all those involved in the medical and health care industries.

With excessive demands from the Korean consumers, the development of the medical industry in Korea is remarkably fast-growing. In the circumstances, KIMES’s filling of the role of the platform where manufacturers and consumers can find their satisfactions.

The medical industry recognized as one of the future core industries in Korea has a strong commitment to be internationalizing by raising its competitiveness in the world market. The convergence technology that integrates IT technology with medical has been developing dramatically. The government appointed it the next generation engine and put a strong support to build a stable infrastructure.

KIMES representing the medical industry trend in Asia will provide both exhibitors and visitors with the chances to see the future of medical environment even more upgraded as well as health care solutions to hospitals. KIMES that has been growing along with local medical equipment industry now raises itself as the world’s prominent specialized medical exhibition.

In KIMES 2013 Exhibition, 1,015 companies from 37 countries including America, Germany, England, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, or China participate to introduce up to 30,000 or so items such as advanced medical equipment, hospital equipment, medical information, and medical products. About 70,000 visitors is expected
come to KIMES 2014 where the leading medical manufacturers of the world will join in the exhibition with the scale of 37,824m2.

KIMES 2014 (30th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show)
– Period: March 13 – 16, 2014 (4 days)
– Venue: COEX
– E-mail:
– Homepage:
– Contact: (Tel)82-2-551-0102
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Korea’s Top-quality Medical Equipment Featured at MEDICA 2012

MEDICA 2012Due to an ageing population and rising healthcare costs, the global medical industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Accordingly, the demand for reliable and affordable medical technologies is rapidly growing around the world.
Facing an increasingly aging society, Korea is not an exception. And the size of nation’s medical industry is also increasing,
and it is reflected in part by swelling demand for medical equipment, creating a large local market. An abundant supply of skilled manpower in the electronics and medical engineering sectors, coupled with Korea’s top-notch expertise in semiconductors, industrial electronics, and electronic parts, has led to the nation’s electro-medical equipment industry reaping a rapid growth in a relatively short period. At the same time, shipment of medical instruments has grown steadily since the late 1980s.

Due to their high reliability, domestic manufacturers continue to make inroads overseas. As part of this effort, many local manufacturers of electro-medical equipment are eager to explore new markets overseas to demonstrate their commitment to product quality and innovation. Reflecting this desire, more than More than 100 Korean companies will take part in MEDICA 2012 in DuÜsseldorf from 14 to 17 November 2012.

MEDICA 2012MEDICA is the world’s largest medical trade fair. Every November, major companies and startups alike gather in DÜsseldorf, Germany which has world’s third largest medical and healthcare industries, to present their latest innovations for providing better patient care – from sophisticated medical technology systems to practical, single-use consumables. Here are some Korean medical equipment companies that will participate in the upcoming German fair: | Blog Magazine of Korean Products, brands, and goods

Far-infrared Ray Heating Treatment Devices

Far-infrared Ray Heating Treatment Devices - Myungshin Medical

Myungshin Medical, established in 2000, manufactures far-infrared ray heating treatment devices for medical use. Introducing to manufacture carbon face radiator and launching it successfully, its good is acquired patents 2 times, model registration 4 times, and design registration 4 times. Now, the company is establishing marketing network in Japan, the United States, Europe as well as in Korea and preparing to step up into the global market.


Item Description
RAINBOW & Sunbeam is the special warmer that generates the pure farinfrared ray (4-18um) and transfers the dynamic wave energy to the inner organs of human body (40~50mm) by the special carbon fiber plate heater. WellFog is a multi functional therapeutic heating device covered with natural wood.



• Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd.
975-18 Wolchul-dong, Buk-gu, Gwang-ju, Korea
Tel: (82-62)971-8056
Fax: (82-62)971-8057

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KIMES 2012 Showcased Top-Grade Medical Equipment

KIMES 2012 Showcased Top-Grade Medical EquipmentThe Korea’s comprehensive medical equipment show will serve as an ideal platform to raise the standards of the medical and hospital industry both in Korea and internationally.

Due to an ageing population and rising healthcare costs, the global medical industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The demand for reliable and yet affordable medical technologies is rapidly growing.
Facing an increasingly aging society, Korea is no exception. And the size of the nation’s medical industry is also increasing, and it is reflected in part by burgeoning demand for medical equipment, creating a large local market.

KIMES 2012 Showcased Top-Grade Medical Equipment

According to a report written by a researcher called “Espicom,” the medical market in Korea is estimated to be growing 11.2% per year and Korea is ranked at 17th in the world.
Moreover, the volume of the local market would be increasing up to US$3.56 billion by 2014 and it is believed that the Korea medical industry could become another key market in Korea within a few years.

Furthermore, an abundant supply of skilled manpower in the electronics and medical engineering sectors, coupled with Korea’s top-notch expertise in semiconductors, industrial electronics, and electronic parts, has led to the nation’s electro-medical equipment industry showing rapid growth in a relatively short period. Due to their high reliability, domestic manufacturers continue to demonstrate their commitment to product quality and innovation.

KIMES 2012 Showcased Top-Grade Medical Equipment
Korea’s large-scale medical industry has been very much in evidence at KIMES (Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show). The show has fulfilled high expectations with the newest medical products and innovative technologies.

To present visitors the opportunity of experiencing the various and latest medical trends, the 28th KIMES, was held at COEX in Seoul on February 16 to 19 with about a thousand manufacturers showcasing 30,000 products.

The total healthcare and medical show presented the direction for the future medical technology featuring well over 978 companies from 30 countries, including 121 from the USA, 75 from Japan, 77 from China and more. A projected 60,000 visitors will also be obtaining information on all the current and future trends at the premier medical event. | Blog Magazine of Korean Products, brands, and goods

Hypoallergenic Hydrocolloid Dressing

wonbiogen-Hydrocolloid-DressingReleased by Wonbiogen (, Renoderm is hypoallergenic Hydrocolloid dressing which heal a wound quickly without application of salve. Renoderm features the absorption of exudation (ooze/discharge from sores) and the dissolution of necrotic tissues it creates a moist environment optimal for the activities of skin regeneration to ensure quick recovery of woounds.

Renoderm hydrocolloid dressing is made of such a soft, light-yellow, comfortable material that its elasticity helps adjust to every detail and movement of patient’s body and its excellent adhesive power can respond to every curve of the user’s body. Thus, it will not easily come off during shower or swimming. Furthermore, as it becomes milk-colored when it absorbs discharge from wounds, it is easy to know when to replace it with new one. Type is 10×10cm, spot that is attach after removed a mole by the laser.

Wonbiogen is the first venture in Korea specializing in medical materials that has developed dressings for all kinds of moist environments. It has developed Release Paper casting process, which breaks from mould of traditional production and already secured intellectual property rights. we are becoming the most successful company with the best technology in the biological industry.

The company’s main items include Inofoam, Remscar is Silicone gel sheet and Renoderm. The Inofoam is Polyurethane foam dressing laminated to a thick soft, elastic and breathable polyurethane film. It is used to dress highly exudating wounds that legulcers, pressure ulcers. And, Remscar is Silicone gel sheet dressing for scar improvement. For more information, you can make contact to

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Body Composition Analyzer

Jawon Medical-Body Composition AnalyzerJawon Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer of Body Composition Analyzer and Blood Pressure Monitor in Korea. Under the motto, ‘Makes its way from hospital to home’, the Korean company has been producing 30 kinds of the medical devices including body composition analyzer & blood pressure monitor and contributing its effort to one’s health and abundant life.

Jawon Medical uses the following technology. Jawon Medical has been using five factors in the calculation of the body composition since the development stage in 1996. It has been rewarding to see the technology progress to its current level. In BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), the difference in electrical conductivity according to biological characteristics of the tissue has some limitations as follows.

The human body is represented as a simple cylindrical shape determined by height and weight. It assumes that body composition is homogenous and evenly distributed. It does not consider individual differences and variation of body composition. It ignores any changes in the environment (temperature), body heat, and stress.

However, in reality, the human body is much too different with the assumptions mentioned above. In order to use BIA to analyze the “actual” human body accurately, 5 factors must be considered in the calculation.
Jawon Medical uses five factors correctly to analyze the whole body and abdominal fat. Using 5 factors, the accuracy of final analysis is greatly improved.

Since the establishment in 1993, the Korean manufacturer has used 5 factors in its BCA. Body composition analyzer doesn’t show one’s body composition like MRI, CT or X-ray. Its BCA sends an electric current into the body and measure resistance occurred in the body. This resistance occurred in the body is called impedance. Using this impedance value, it calculates body water, soft lean mass, body fat, etc.

Jawon uses not only weight, height, impedance value but also the age in order to increases the accuracy of the results. Jawon’s technology in BCA and BPM is greatly recognized, and it awarded the best prize, Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit from the Korean government in 2005.

1208-12, Shinsang-Ri, Jinryang-Eup, Gyungsan, Gyungbuk, Korea
Tel: (82-53)856-0993
Fax: (82-53)856-0995
Website: Click

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Medical Instrument

Nuga Best specializes in medical instruments that are popular around the world with its cutting edge technology, customer-oriented ‘experiment’ marketing and distinguished customer services. Nuga Best has begun establishing its overseas sales network from China, followed by a significant outcome with some 3,500 overseas sales networks worldwide within just six years of its founding.

Nuga Best-Medical-Instrument

Since its inception in 2002, the company has made steady growth each year, and posted $23 million in exports in 2011. One of the company’s flagship products, Nuga Best NM-5000P, is a multipurpose personal stimulator for medical use that combines the advantages of Eastern and Western medicine.

The unit which integrates chiropractic massage, moxibustion and finger pressure massage in one device can be used to alleviate pains on any part of the human body. Using the unit’s heat treatment function, people can enjoy the chiropractic effect that helps relieve pressures around spinal Meridians and maximize the body’s natural self-healing ability.

The ergonomically designed internal projector, based on Nuga’s modern medical science, stimulates the nerves, relaxes muscles, and relieves fatigue, providing a fingerpressure treatment effect.
In addition, the far-infrared rays generated by the Jade ceramic roller doubles the effects of moxibustion, bringing about enhanced metabolism, relief of muscle pain, and improved body immunity. And the low frequency pad helps control weight, decompose body fat, and improve skin beauty.

NM-5000P includes the Tourmanium internal projector and low-frequency pad to stimulate the entire body, relieve muscle pain. The Tourmanium internal projector is designed ergonomically so that it moves smoothly along the spine curve, and provides excellent aid in muscular relaxation and fatigue recovery with acupressure, massage, and moxibustion in the spine, the nearby meridian system, and all muscles.

The special heating auxiliary mat also applies Tourmanium ceramic to increase thermal function and farinfrared ray emission effects. In addition, its far infrared ray thermal function is used to massage the spine, muscles and nerves, and the low frequency wave is effective in muscular pain relief.

The unit frame can be adjusted to inclination angles of 10, 20 or 30 degrees to suit the user’s physical condition, body characteristics, or depending on which part of the body you use the product for. And the tourmanium ceramic heater mat is incorporated for enhanced heat treatment as well as for the benefits of healthful far-infrared ray generation.

This product was designed ergonomically for anyone to use conveniently, and it is efficient in that two people can use different functionality at the same time. With a remote controller, people can conveniently operate the desired functions.

● Nuga Best
Nuga Best Bldg., 115-5, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)561-8002
Fax: (82-2)417-8057

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