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October 26, 2023, PLLA, PLCL, PCL Threads
[INQ. NO. 2310C27] 2L Bio produces a range of cutting-edge threads used for petite plastic surgery, bringing together science and aesthetics to provide non-invasive solutions for skin lifting and tightening. Among these, the PDO(Polydioxanone) threads are at the forefront, celebrated for their dissolvable and biodegradable properties. Despite the proliferation of various manufacturers and market saturation, the superior quality of 2L Bio’s PDO threads markedly distinguishes them.


The company’s offering spans to other notable threads like PLLA, PLCL, and PCL. The PLLA (Poly L-Lactide) threads, though hard and presenting a certain stiffness upon insertion, are indispensable as volumizers, offering instant performance.
On the other side, the PLCL threads amalgamate the qualities of PLLA and PCL, providing both strength and flexibility. The PCL (Poly Caprolactone) threads by 2L Bio carry the longest biodegradation time, ensuring longevity and sustained results.
Beyond the material, the threads are available in various forms – mold, cog, twin, screw, and mono, each tailored for specific applications and effects. The PCL mold and PLLA cog, in particular, exemplify 2L Bio’s technical prowess. The company is the sole manufacturer capable of producing these intricate thread shapes, refl ecting not only the advanced technology but also the meticulous precision infused in their creation.
The threads, manufactured using proprietary, patent-registered equipment, meet international standards, bearing certifi cations from CE, ISO13485(GIC), GMP, and KFDA. This global acknowledgment echoes the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering excellence and reliability in their products.
Established in 2015, 2L Bio’s journey, although relatively young, is marked by signifi cant achievements and global expansion, driven by a quest for perfection and an nwavering commitment to enhancing beauty non-invasively. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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