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April 7, 2012

Natural Latex MattressPalmpring is a specialized manufacturer of natural latex mattresses in South Korea. Generally, the natural latex helps disperse human weight evenly and support the body without giving any pressure, offering comfortable posture to the spine.

Palmpring provides a range of mattresses that are all made with natural latex and a coir cushion made out of coconut fiber coated with natural rubber resin, proving excellent ventilation to the mattress.

Particularly, this premium mattress features a quadruple layer construction of latex sandwiched with natural latex foam and rubberized coir, which ensure comfort and support with enhanced excellent cushion and resilience. Made from 100% natural foam, the mattress is also an anti-microbial and it creates a dust-free environment.

And the natural latex also provides comfortable support with adequate soft and flexible hardness to the human body. Due to natural latex provides advantages such as coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

What’s more, thousands of tiny pincores allow people to feel hardly any movement or shock even when the partner moves.

The natural foam, with outstanding elasticity and tensile strength, provide a soft touch support, conforming perfectly to the body’s contours and curves.

It has properties of excellent durability and elasticity for long use.

The Palmpring’s latex mattress has no innersprings and thus provides relief from rust and noise.

Unlike lesser products using many devices or functions for elasticity, this one uses only natural latex foam and coconut fiber, being harmless to the environment when disposed. It has a zippered cover for easy cleaning.




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