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April 27, 2012

Jindo Traditional Food Co. is a Jindo – based company that provides Hangwa (a traditional Korean confectionary), Dduk (rice cake), soybean paste and other traditional Korean foodstuff using the locally grown produces.

The third largest island in South Korea, Jindo is off the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula and is famous for high-quality agricultural and marine products such as Chinese matrimony vine, green onion, black rice and dried laver & seaweed.

Hangwa (a traditional Korean confectionary) is one of the most favorite gifts on traditional holidays such as Seolral (Lunar new years day), Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day). It can be found on ritual tables, a spread of fruits and snacks to pay respect to ancestors. Hangwa is also served along with tea to visitors.


Korean Snack


Jindo Traditional Food provides diverse Hangwa gift packages, which contain Gangjung (oil-fried cookie made of glutinous rice powder and coated with popped rice), Yakgwa (deep-fried honey cookies), Dasik (a kind of pattern-pressed candy) and maejakkwa (fried ribbon cookies made of wheat flour with ginger and salt). The main ingredients of Hangwa are locally cultivated produces such as black rice, sesame, perilla seeds, peanuts, Baknyeoncho (opuntia), green laver, black sesame, hulled millets, green tea and sweet pumpkin.

Ms. Kim Yeong-suk, president of the company won numerous awards from nationwide cooking contests of making Korea’s traditional rice cake and home-made cuisines.

Based on the traditional recipes and quality materials, her company provides various types of rice cakes and gift packages that are good as a tea-time snack or a tasty simple meal.


Korean cake


They are made with local specialties such as the fruit of Chinese matrimony vine, black rice and tumeric and decorated attractively with nuts and kernels. With such natural ingredients, they don’t contain any artificial additives, thus they digest well.

In line with the growing trend toward safe and healthful foods, Jindo Traditional Food strives to continue to provide top quality foodstuffs by preserving and further developing the traditional methods of cooking inherited generation after generation.

The company promises to deliver the best service and the strictest quality control in the entire production process. It acquired the ISO 9001.




• Jindo Traditional Food Co., Ltd.
345-4, Inju-ri, Jisan-myeon, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-61)542-0011
E-mail: jindo0011@hanmail.net
Website: jindofood.co.kr

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