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August 17, 2012

TalkingRobo - English Teaching RobotAlthough learning foreign languages is hardly an easy job, especially for many of Koreans who are accustomed to grammar-based English learning education find learning to communicate verbally in English very challenging.

In a bid to lend a helping hand for them, the Korea-based specialist of 3D virtual reality and voice recognition technology, Viewmotion, has recently launched a speaking-oriented English robot named “TalkingRobo.” As its name suggests, the desktop English conversation robot provides people nearly the same effects like studying in an English conversation class led by a native English speaker.

Utilizing the up-to-date technology including 3D virtual reality and voice recognition, TalkingRobo is able to serve as a personal tutor. Unlike traditional English learning tools, this robot allows users to have bi-directional conversations, which means that people can practice their speaking ability by talking naturally to the
TalkingRobo in the same way as they talk with a real native speaker without any limitations on the topics. Using the software program, people can create their own English contents.

What makes it possible is the built-in voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence database. Using these state-ofthe- art tools, the robot allows the users to make virtual worlds like a park or hotel and other diverse spaces as well as their own characters, while applying their own dialogues, which leads to the contextualized and experiential language learning.

In order to provide users with the rich contents, the company has opened a server called Talking Bank, where users can upload and download the newly updated contents. For more information, please visit TalkingRobo.com.

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