Drone Fighter for Industrial, Military Use and Leisure

Drone Fighter for Industrial, Military Use and Leisure

The existing similar products were expensive, difficult or dangerous for public use. However, under three keywords of easy, smart, and fun, Drone Fighter solved the problems of existing problems such as difficulty in understanding the coordinate, maintenance, the simplicity of non-expandability, only available for off-line. Drone Fighter Kit includes a camera and a flying soccer, and other useful accessories. The product can be connected online through smart phone applications. Also, Drone Fighter can be used in various fields of industry, military and for leisure. Application fields of Drone Fighter are private services such as fire, traffic and nuclear power surveillance, and military services such as monitoring, communication broadcasting, and observation of the target.

https://korean-products.com/inquiry ByRobot Co., LTD is a specialized flying robot manufacturer developing RC robots through their exclusive technology. Since establishment in 2011, ByRobot acquired numerous patents, utility model on design and service, and trademarks. Currently, nearly 20 patents, etc. are possessed by ByRobot. Moreover, ByRobot acquired various certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KC, FCC, and CE to be acknowledged of its technology.


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The Resourceful Robot-The Advanced Robot for Many Applications


Byrobot is a robot manufacturer that has manufactured the first toy-type robot with indigenous technology. Especially, it is a company that caters to manias for wireless control.


But now it has popularized its products for industrial and other uses. Some of its applications are for forest fires, traffic control, various disasters, nuclear power station surveillance, filming of aerial images, weather observation, TV relay broadcasting, fish school detection and others. For military uses, it is used for surveillance/detection, mine detection and others



More Details

  • Brand : Dronefigher
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • The company all started with the award presentation at the youth corporation meet sponsored by the youth entrepreneurship foundation in Oct. 2011. Thereafter commercial-use robot was supplied to the Korea Production Technology Research Center. In Aug. of 2012, the company was designated a venture firm by the small and medium business administration. Furthermore, in Nov. 2012, it was awarded a special prize at the German Invention Exhibition. It marked a milestone in Oct. 2013 when 1 billion won in convertible bond was issued through the small and medium promotion board.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • The company was selected as one of the management academia collaboration rapidly progressing technical company as sponsored by the small and medium business administration. In the following year, its affiliated R&D center was recognized by the Korean Industrial Technology Promotion Committee. And simultaneously, it was designated as a smart product package support service by Gyeonggi Techno Park.
  • The founder of this company is a graduate of the prestigious Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. His team was the first in making a single ducted-fan flying robot with gasoline engine-attached. According to Byrobot, the company is strong in mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, rotordynamics, anti-vibration, digital electronic development, signal processing and many other technical sectors.

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IT Convergence Products – HURO

Imagination one by one comes true. Cars can run on alternative energy sources like oxygen and electricity. Recently, one U.S. firm introduced a beast-like drone that can move on four legs. Automation is already in place for manufacturing a lot of goods. Robots are quickly replacing people who are working under difficult and dangerous conditions. The future will soon see the advent of robotcracy in which human-like robots play a central role in the society. Unless they join the dark side, the robots can hugely benefit the human civilization. And HURO does whatever it takes to lead them in the right direction.


huro-pencil-caseBegan in 20120, HURO is the combination of Human and Robot and engages in developing and manufacturing IT Convergence products. The future-oriented firm secures and possesses multiple patents; they are clearly manifesting its leadership in the IT technology industry. HURO has been making huge efforts in apply IT technologies to a wide variety of peripheral devices for your quality of life.

HURO’s smart twowing pencil case looks simple and smart. You have to input a secret code by touching on its beautifully lit LED number pad. Every time you place your finger on it, it senses and vibrates. A square display can show your favorite images, and also you can play default games for fun. Looking at the inside, a built-in board plate is for you as a memo pad. The case can safely keep your valuable goods other than pencils. All 5 different colors are for your pick-up. Another gadget is HR series with its slim design. This navigation system offers GPS mode and photo album function. For more information, you can visit huro.kr/index.php/eng

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English Conversation Teaching Robot

TalkingRobo - English Teaching RobotAlthough learning foreign languages is hardly an easy job, especially for many of Koreans who are accustomed to grammar-based English learning education find learning to communicate verbally in English very challenging.

In a bid to lend a helping hand for them, the Korea-based specialist of 3D virtual reality and voice recognition technology, Viewmotion, has recently launched a speaking-oriented English robot named “TalkingRobo.” As its name suggests, the desktop English conversation robot provides people nearly the same effects like studying in an English conversation class led by a native English speaker.

Utilizing the up-to-date technology including 3D virtual reality and voice recognition, TalkingRobo is able to serve as a personal tutor. Unlike traditional English learning tools, this robot allows users to have bi-directional conversations, which means that people can practice their speaking ability by talking naturally to the
TalkingRobo in the same way as they talk with a real native speaker without any limitations on the topics. Using the software program, people can create their own English contents.

What makes it possible is the built-in voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence database. Using these state-ofthe- art tools, the robot allows the users to make virtual worlds like a park or hotel and other diverse spaces as well as their own characters, while applying their own dialogues, which leads to the contextualized and experiential language learning.

In order to provide users with the rich contents, the company has opened a server called Talking Bank, where users can upload and download the newly updated contents. For more information, please visit TalkingRobo.com.

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Non-surgical Spinal Disk Care Robot System

Spinal Disk Care Robot


Hanmed aims to be a leading company in providing next-generation medical appliances through the development of state-of-the-art medical equipment, combined with the use of the high-tech IT technologies available.

Hanmed has launched a non-surgical spinal disk care robot system “KINETRAC -KNX 7000,” which can be used to take care of the overall health of spinal disks with diverse functions such as muscle relaxation, decompression and chiropractic treatment.

The brand-new spinal disk care equipment provides cutting-edge technology such as computerized brain robot auto recognition of disk and 3Ddecompression technology of Graphic User Interface precisely controlling the X, Y axis and deep massaging function of the vertebral muscle.

Notably, the Disc Navigation Targeting Decompression system is Hanmed’s exclusive technology that is applied for the first time in the world. The company has patents and utility model rights regarding primary technologies used in the KNX 7000.

Furthermore, when treating the spine, KNX 7000applies the muscle energy technique and the optional range of motion technique, making it possible to treat spinal disease without an operation.




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• Hanmed Co., Ltd.
Rm. 112 Gimhae Biomedical Center, 155-1 Nongso-ri, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-55)331-0575 Fax: (82-55)331-0547
Website: hanmed.net

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Intelligent Air-Purifying Robot

intelligent air-purifuing robot + remote control


Moneual Inc. got Innovation Award from the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 for its intelligent air purifying robot and U-Remote. The company’s intelligent air purifying robot “H1004-II” automatically monitors and protects a user in the event of an emergency. It uses facial and voice recognition technology to sense a medical incident or emergency such as fire. Then it automatically alerts your emergency contacts. It also doubles as an air purifier and it plays back music. The robot is aimed at people who require special care such as elderly people.

When it comes to the purification performance, it excels. The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns is an innovative and easy-to-use product that will change the way people mange the air quality indoors.

The built-in sensors detect the presence of dust, allergens, and odors, and allow the air purifying robot to navigate autonomously to clean every comer of the room, while removing dirt, virus and mold. In addition, with an obstacle-detector, it can circumvent obstacles at the front and on the side.

This cutting-edge air purifier works in tune with the indicator comprising a VOC sensor, RF signaler and IR sensor. Moreover, when a higher than permissible level of pollutants is detected in the air, the RF and IR sensors activate the robot for purification of the polluted air.


intelligent air-purifuing robot

The robot also has a self-location search function so that it can be used effectively in the multiple rooms. When its battery runs low while operating, it automatically moves to the battery charger. The robot operates for two and a half hours once it is fully recharged.

The device also features a fully functional remote control system, as well as room selection options and a quick automatic recharging system. The circular-shaped device measures 40cm in diameter and 480cm in height.

Since Moneual Inc. introduced Home Theater PC cases in 2001, it has engaged in developing and manufacturing innovative all-in-one cases and systems and barebone systems, seeing its sales revenues rapidly increasing at home and abroad. The company has added robotic household electronics to its product line-up beginning from 2010.



• Moneual Inc.
14th Fl. Partners Tower I, 345-13, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-70)-8859-3733
Website: moneual.co.kr

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Mami Robot Cleaner Can Handle All Household Chores


According to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Korean government, the robot industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in South Korea.

The industry experts predict that various socioeconomic changes such as low birth rate, an aging society, consumption-craving for emotional satisfaction and the increase of single households will trigger the need for robots in particular service robots designed to enhance the quality of life.

At the moment, there are personal service robots, which engaged in education, entertainment, domestic choirs, or doing various work in daily human life. They have some level of artificial intelligence and the ability to make their own decisions.

The most widely used service robots are robotic vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuum cleaners were known only among a few early adopters until recently. They are now expanding their consumer base, as the competition in the market has pulled down prices and they are offering diverse functions on top of cleaning.

Now, they are much more affordable, compared with the first robot cleaner was released by a Swedish company in 2001 at the price of $2,500. They also clean better than before, thanks to the development of diverse technologies.

Mami-Robot-Vacuum Cleaners

Launched by Mami Robot, ‘Mami Robot PPORO,’ features SSW (Spider Spinning Web) cleaning method. Using its unique SSW method, it can identify for itself the size and shape of the home and calculate the most effective path it should take to clean the full space meticulously.

The Mami Robot that uses wireless charging technology returns itself to the docking station when its task is complete. Thank to the ability to recharge itself and the reservation function, people can use the cleaner even in their absence.

The Mami Robot is fitted with sensors to enable it to make sure that it can avoid big obstructions. The twin charging station is designed to accommodate the larger Mami Robot stationed and the handheld Zaaloo vacuum cleaner at the same time.

The wireless handheld vacuum Zaaloo is smaller, making it ideal for getting into smaller areas and allowing users to reach places that the larger Mami Robot PPORO can’t access.

With the handheld Zaaloo, people can get rid of dust on the computer. The robot cleaner has an integrated suction to remove dust; and people can attach the detachable microfiber cloth to the base for extra cleaning on the floor.

Mami Robot is a specialized robot cleaner manufacturer in Korea. The company has made contract with over 30 companies from France, UK and Argentina at CES 2011 held in Las Vegas.

With independent corporations in USA, Japan and Germany one year before, the Korean company strives to increase market share at global market as well as in Korea, as the industry circle estimates the size of world market of robot cleaner as 2.5 million scales and domestic market is expected to be enlarged from 200,000 to 400,000 units.

● Mami Robot
Rm. 757, 762, Dukpung-dong, Hanam, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82)1588-7402
Fax: (82-31)793-8152

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