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August 29, 2012

Woongjin Coway - BidetEstablished in 1989, Woongjin Coway has grown into Korea’s largest homewellness appliance company, manufacturing water-filtration appliances, air purifiers and bidets. The company’s steady growth has made Woongjin Coway’s name synonymous with water filtration and bathroom appliance systems in Korea.


The company has created a number of brands to establish clear identities for its core products, including ‘Coway’, the main brand for the highest-quality water filtration, ‘CAIRS’, for air filtration and purification systems, ‘LooLoo’ for the company’s innovative bidet and bathroom fixture products, and ‘Clive’, a food waste treatment system.

One of the core products among Woongjin’s bidet offerings is the BAS-14, the first bidet to receive the “New Excellent Product” certification in Korea. The BAS-14 is the world’s first self-disinfecting bidet system. At the push of a dedicated button, the bidet releases a spray of water that disinfects the nozzle or the entire toilet bowl.

Rather than drawing on a fixed reservoir of disinfectant solution, the system produces its own supply of disinfecting solution using electrolysis that enables the bidet to disinfect the entire nozzle assembly as well as the bowl surface. Separate control buttons for nozzle and bowl cleaning provides an extra level of control and convenience. In addition to this innovation, the BAS-14 includes the full range of features that has enabled LooLoo to become Korea’s top bidet brand. Two-axis stainless steel nozzles provide greater washing capability as well as cleanliness, and large oval water sprays allow for better spray control. Air bubbles are added to the stream of water that reduces contact pressure but provides a high level of cleaning.



• Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd.
658, Yugu-ri, Yugu-eup, Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-2)2172-1288
E-mail: klh3693@coway.co.kr
Website: coway.co.kr

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