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September 1, 2012

Located in Cheongsong, South Gyeongsang province, Guam Farm produces Cheongsong Jujube Makgeolli using jujubes grown in its farm. The jujubes cultivated in this clean and natural environment are higher in sugar content than those grown in other areas.

Brewed with rice and jujubes, the fermented makgeolli boasts its softness in drinking that both men and women whoever can enjoy. It also contains has 25% higher farnesol (a sort of anti-carcinogenic substance) than those in beer and other liquor. In addition, 6% jujube extract is added to the main ingredients of makgeolli so that the rice wine has health benefits of jujube such as preventing cancer and aging, and improving liver functions.

Comparing to other fruits, jujube has relatively large content of fibers and vitamin C (Content in fresh jujube: about 60mg). Also, the alkali food contains large volume of various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and copper. And it has the properties of softness not to imitate stomach and intestines. For the reason, jujube has long been used in traditional oriental herb medicine.


Guamfarm - jujube makgeolliThe Cheongsong Jujube Makgeolli features the unique sweet and sour, deep, and soft taste as well as the jujube’s typical flavor, captivating the taste buds of not only Korean consumers but also foreigners. At the moment, the Cheongsong Jujube Makgeolli is distributed in Korea’s major department stores and supermarkets, while being exported to in Japan, China, the UK and Guam. The product comes in 1000ml and 750ml plastic bottles (Alc : 6%). The Korean manufacturer introduced ISO 9001:2008 certification for its processing facilities to maintain the high quality of products.

Guam Farm acquired domestic patents regarding manufacturing processes of Cheongsong Jujube Makgeolli, which has been numerously awarded for its high quality and taste at diverse contests in Korea, including 2010 Korean Liquor Contest Grand Prize.



• Guam Farm
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Tel: (82-54)873-3925
Fax: (82-54)873-3926
E-mail: jhshin@guamjujube.co.kr
Website: guamjujube.co.kr

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