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Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine)

Seoul Jangsoo Co., Ltd. is Korea’s largest and oldest Makgeolli producer. It uses high-quality ingredients to provide the taste of the original Korean rice wine Makgeolli. Its products have acquired HACCP certification.
By using carefully selected rice and clean water, Jangsoo Draft Makgeolli

Korean Popular Liquor

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. is a global liquor company representing Korea. We are exporting beer, soju, whisky, Makgeolli, and plum wine to over 50 countries. We have been a significant part of the living history of Korean liquor since 1924. With…

Jujube Products – GUAM FARM

Makgeolli can be simply referred to as “Traditional Korean rice wine,” which is a mixture of several ingredients like rice and wheat. Its white-like milky color and alcoholic sweetness has long fascinated Koreans and even foreigners alike. With Korean pancakes…