Korea’s Representative Instant Noodles and Snacks

https://korean-products.com/inquiry Since its establishment in 1965, Nongshim has evolved with the Korean food industry. One of the largest processed food manufacturers in Korea, Nongshim specializes in providing instant noodles and snacks, churning out numerous hit products including Shin Ramyun, Shrimp Crackers, Ansungtangmyun and Yukejang Bowl Noodle Soup, just to name a few.

201610cc_page_112_03 Particularly, the half century history of Nongshim can be parallel with the history of ramyun in Korea. Production of new innovative products with the best R&D capability in the industry contributed to the constant growth of Nongshim.

And, the challenging spirit and the executive power have been the driving forces for Nongshim’s product development.

From Yukejang Bowl Noodle Soup which opened the era of cup noodle to Ansungtangmyun made at the specialized facilities for soup base and Shin Ramyun conquering the world with its spicy fl avor to the fi rst snack in Korea, Shrimp Crackers, Nongshim has always been pioneering new markets. Even today, Nongshim is seeking a new growth potential for the food market and tempering to lead the world market with its creative products and specialized technologies.

Nongshim has been focused to expand its market toward the world with the philosophy that ‘the most authentic Korean things are the most global things’, which captured the hearts of people around the world and allowed Nongshim products to be available anywhere in the world.

From the head of the earth, Jungfrau, to the Himalaya of the back and to Punta Arenas, Chile of the leg, Nongshim is serving the role of ‘Korean food exporter’ promoting the Korean taste.


Since its development in October 1986, Shin Ramyun has been steadily loved until now. At present, there is an average 3 million sales of Shin Ramyun each day, translating to about 25% of the total market for ramyun in Korea.
It is recognized as having unprecedented great success in the market for ramyun. Not only in Korea, the unique spicy fl avor of Shin Ramyun loved in 80 overseas countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

201610cc_page_112_07Kimchi Ramyun is pack noodles specifi cally for overseas consumers.
It is a pack of noodles that has the taste of Kimchi bowl noodle soup.
The Kimchi Bowl Noodle Soup allows consumers to experience the traditional taste of kimchi conveniently in the form of ramyun and boasts the longest history among products based on the taste of kimchi. Kimchi is the favorite food of many Koreans. Kimchi ramyun led the globalization of Korean ramyun starting at the ‘86 Asian Games and ‘88 Olymics, and is still a beloved kimchi bowl noodle soup.

201610cc_page_112_10‘Shrimp Crackers’ is Nongshim’s representative snack.
In order to develop the product, dozens of raw ingredient trucks were used. The best shrimp fl avor was fi nally born at the end of countless trials and errors. From its release, the snack was loved by customers and became the No. 1 snack brand for more than 30 years, loved all over the country generation after generation.




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Slow Juicer

https://korean-products.com/inquiry Since its founding in 1974, Hurom Co., Ltd. has been fully focused on the development and production of the extraction fi eld for 40 years, and it has emerged as the nation’s top brand in this fi eld. 201610cc_page_111_03The fi rst creator of one of the best the slow juicers & electric green juicers in the world has paved the way through years of research and development to become a global-leading, best-selling slow juicers, winning trust and loyalty from consumers around the globe for its superior performance, value, and quality.

Hurom leads the market with its unique slow -squeeze technology
Hurom’s patented Slow-Squeeze Technology (SST™) uses an auger to squeeze out juice (similar to how one hand-squeezes an orange), instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades like other juicers and blenders. This natural motion method minimizes damage to ingredients, keeping natural taste and nutrition intact.

Hurom continuously strive for the highest quality in everything it can do. Hurom juicers are made of safe and advanced materials like ultem, tritan and stainless steel, some of which are used to build spaceships. On top of that, Hurom uses a long-lasting AC motor that comes with a 10-year warranty. The AC motor with high energyeffi ciency minimizes noise and vibration.

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer
Sleek design: With a streamlined design that includes smooth curves that gradually become slimmer in the back, the H-AA brings you stylish, yet modern beauty. The wavy curves on the bott om further highlight the design and make it functionally easier to move.

Customized taste: The H-AA also comes with a control lever and fi ne and coarse strainers that allow one to control the amount of pulp to suit one’s taste.

201610cc_page_111_05Outstanding performance: The H-AA rotates at a speed of just 43 revolutions per minute. Like all of Hurom juicers, H-AA Slow Juicer was designed to mimic the motion of hand squeezing juice. This patented Slow Squeeze Technology ensures your juice retains all of its natural nutrients.

Ease of use: Simply run water through the juicer to rinse clean; there is no need to separate and clean the parts between uses.

Intuitive assembly and disassembly exist for quick use and cleanup with compact parts and no sharp blades. The inner spinning brush rotates during juicing to clean the chamber and strainer simultaneously, reducing clogging and increasing juicing effi ciency.

Durability: The body is made with BPA-free, impactresistant ABS plastic, and the heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger are eight-times stronger than traditional plastics.

Versatility: The slow juicer works wonderfully on fruits, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and soybeans to create nutritious juices, milk, tofu, and more. The H-AA also has the ability to create healthful ice cream straight from the chamber.

Safety: Duplicate safety sensors only allow the unit to operate if the chamber is completely and accurately assembled on the base. A built-in cooling system with integrated heat vents prevents overheating. The chute is aptly-sized to keep even small fi ngers out.

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World’s Largest Portable Butane Gas Cartridge Maker

https://korean-products.com/inquiry TAEYANG Corporation is the largest portable butane gas cartridge maker in the world, capturing around 60% of global market share. In addition, its SUN brand is a household name for Korean consumers with an unrivalled 70% of domestic market share as of 2015.
Since it was founded in 1989, TAEYANG Corporation has put a lot of investment into establishing fully automated up-to-date manufacturing facilities covering everything from cartridge printing and coating to gas charging, which are manufactured by conforming to globally recognized standards.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the company exports its butane gas and cartridges to more than 65 countries, including Japan and the United States, as well as many countries in Europe and Southeast Asia, under the brand name, SUN.

Top Butane Gas Cartridge “SUN FLAME”
201610cc_page_109_14Korea’s fi rst domestically produced portable butane gas cartridge, which is now well-known by global consumers, can be used for portable gas stoves and torches. Customized to the clients’ needs, TAEYANG Corporation produces the best-quality products and exports to about 65 countries worldwide. You can use it safely and conveniently at any place and any time. The annual production volume of SUN FLAME amounts to more than 200 million items.
The net weights are 220g, 227g and 250g.

Camping Gas Cartridge “ALPS BOMBE”
201610cc_page_109_03Alps Bombe is the standard outdoor gas fuel item for camping and mountain climbing, etc. The unique dome type camping canisters are ideally designed for space-saving, stable sett ing purposes. The excellent evaporability and high thermal effi ciency is well-suited to alpine cooking purposes.

The net weight comes in 110g, 230g and 450g.

201610cc_page_109_11It is a premium butane gas refi ll cartridge with the same rugged reliability. SUN LIGHTER GAS is very well known for its purity. You can experience the best performance of your lighter with ultra triple-refi ned premium butane gas. The net weights are 135g and 165g.

201610cc_page_109_17SUN FUEL GAS RANGE
With a built-in heat panel, the gas range warms butane cartridges and maximizes butane output and reduces butane waste. It is well-known for its high quality and safety.

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Hangover Cure Dink

https://korean-products.com/inquiry There are myriad diff erent folk remedies to remove hangover in varying countries. Many Koreans used to savor a hot bowl of beansprout soup to fi ght the hangover after heavy drinking. Now, a big majority of Korean drinkers are turning toward quicker and more reliable hangover cures like “CONDITION®.”

201610cc_page_108_06CONDITION® is Korea’s best-selling hangover remedy drink which was released in 1992 by CJ HealthCare. The launch of CONDITION® is recognized as the start of the “hangover remedies” market in Korea, which has grown into an estimated market size of 150 billion won (about US$134 million) as of 2015.

Since 1992 when CONDITION® was launched as the fi rst-ever hangover cure drink of its kind in Korea, it has become a by-word for hangover cures, steadfastly maintaining its market-leading market position.

According to the data from CJ HealthCare, a total of 440 million bott les were sold, with sales adding up to more than one trillion won for the last 20 years as of 2012. The extraordinary product’s quality and the company’s devotion to consistent innovation for bett er product are considered key to CONDITION®’s enduring popularity as the no. 1 selling hangover remedy drink in Korea.

CJ HealthCare has continued to improve CONDITION® through six times of upgrades by carrying out constant R&D, animal-testing and clinical tests. The green-bott led CONDITION® (100ml) contains 100% Korean Hovenia dulcis fruits, which is excellent in activating the breakdown enzymes for alcohol and acetaldehyde, so it is possible to ease hangover symptom.

Constant R&D and innovation efforts are being made to contribute to peoples’ improved health and well-being.

201610cc_page_108_03CJ HealthCare has been engaged in developing new drugs for treatment of digestive or infl ammatory diseases and cancers, based on its own distinguished R&D capabilities.

CJ HealthCare is also actively conducting R&D activities for the 2ndgeneration EPOs and vaccines, and the company is developing modifi ed new drugs with a focus on chronic diseases, including circulatory and endocrine disorders.

Currently, CJ HealthCare has its own manufacturing facilities in Korea, such as its Icheon plant manufacturing biologics; the Daeso plant manufacturing oral APIs, solutions for infusion and cephalosporin antibiotics; and the Osong plant producing anti-cancer drugs and drug products. By completing the Osong plant in 2010, CJ HealthCare has paved the way for making inroads into the global market.

CJ HealthCare will strive to grow into a true global leader of the pharmaceutical industry through aggressive penetration into the overseas markets on the basis of the robust pipelines of new and biological drugs by 2020, with the utilization of its highly qualifi ed human resources possessing global R&D competence.

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Wireless Obturation System

E&Q Master has the same battery charging system as the mobile phone. It operates a low voltage for user’s safety. If the battery is discharged during use, you can replace it with an extra battery on standby for continuous use.

Wireless-Obturation-System https://korean-products.com/inquiry The slim design and simple operation of the E&Q Master will maximize effectiveness and convenience. Also, it is possible to record the specific area.

E&Q Master provides a variety of user-friendly advantages. The low-voltage battery enables safe operation. The simple operation enables you to learn easily and quickly. The thermo-plasticized method of filling makes speedy treatment. It also provides easy and quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling. It also features excellent apical control & obturation of anatomically complicated canals.

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Air-pressure Ulcer Cushion & Mattress

EVOSS Air Cushion is composed of a number of small cells in grid format. Made by using special elastomer with great tensile strength, EVOSS Air Cushion is safe for the human skin and is highly effective in preventing pressure blisters.

Air-pressure-Ulcer-Cushion-&-Mattresshttps://korean-products.com/inquiry EVOSS Air Cushion is covered with a flexible sheet and allows good ventilation for the air cells. Also, the cushion’s special structure provides an even distribution of pressure and a comfortable experience.

With bio-ceramic coating, the cushion has antibiotic quality against sweat or other bodily waste, as well as having fir-infrared radiation effects. It is certified with CE and Non-Toxic SGS.

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High Flow Therapy

https://korean-products.com/inquiryHigh Flow Therapy HFT500 is an instrument to generate continuous positive pressure during spontaneous respiration, intended to provide the patient with a high flow of gas that contains a constant amount of oxygen in a non-invasive method, thereby assisting in or regulating the patient’s respiration. Equipped with various alarm and safety functions, the Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure (CPAP) unit regulates the patient’s respiration safely, but for correct diagnosis it should be used together with clinical information.

High-Flow-Therapy General Features
– User-friendly touch screen menu.
– Easy confi guration through an encoder and touch screen interface.
– Real-time display of the patient’s and device status.
– Simple and convenient device operation.
– A twofold alarm function (speaker and buzzer).
– Class II (MDD Annex IX, Rule 2, 10, 11)

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High Frequency Ventilator

https://korean-products.com/inquiry The MV2000 SU:M3 has a special feature High Frequency Ventilator. This intelligent HFV mode can support not only an infant and neonate patient, but adult patients, too. Also, it is effective in treatment for patients of pneumothorax of interstitial lung, pneumonia, refractory hypoxemia, sepsis, suffocation, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and chronic obstructive disease (COPD). The HFV technology of the MEKICS product will provide an outstanding ventilation solution that assures a combination of: low maintenance cost, ease of use, multiple function, and clinical benefits.

High-Frequency-Ventilator Mode:
Spont, Apnea Backup, TCPL-AC, TCPL-SIMV,
O2 Stream, tBiLevel, PRVC, AutoVent, HFV(SHFV,DHFV)

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Dental Implant Motor Engine and handpiece

TRAUS SIP 10 is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system, incorporating an advanced CRB series handpiece. The built-in availability of a wide range of speed and torque settings allows dentists to use TRAUS SIP 10 with any implant system brand. The LED equipped in the rotary handpiece provides constant visibility.

Dental-Implant-Motor-Engine-and-handpiece https://korean-products.com/inquiry Established in 1976, Saeshin Precision Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of dental handpieces with a history of 40 years. With good reputation in product safety and excellent quality, Saeshin has the biggest domestic market share in South Korea and has been exporting products under “STRONG” and “FORTE” brands to about 120 countries.

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Dental Piezo & Implant Dual Engine

TRAUS SUS 10 combines ultrasonic and rotary technologies to be used in diverse clinical areas, especially for dental implantology and Piezo Surgey with dual functions. The ultrasonic handpiece is active only on hard tissues, and it is non-invasive on soft tissues, resulting in improved safety, efficiency and less pain during surgery. In addition, when the dentist takes handpiece off from the patient, the unit moves to a standby mode, which provides durability on the unit and handpiece as well as increasing the tip’s life span.

Dental-Piezo-&-Implant-Dual-Engine https://korean-products.com/inquiry

For implant motors, it provides all necessary and efficient functions for dental implant surgery, such as highly qualified torques for drilling and insertion of dental implant fixture, and visibility with LED in handpiece.

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