World’s Largest Portable Butane Gas Cartridge Maker TAEYANG Corporation is the largest portable butane gas cartridge maker in the world, capturing around 60% of global market share. In addition, its SUN brand is a household name for Korean consumers with an unrivalled 70% of domestic market share as of 2015.

Since it was founded in 1989, TAEYANG Corporation has put a lot of investment into establishing fully automated up-to-date manufacturing facilities covering everything from cartridge printing and coating to gas charging, which are manufactured by conforming to globally recognized standards.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the company exports its butane gas and cartridges to more than 65 countries, including Japan and the United States, as well as many countries in Europe and Southeast Asia, under the brand name, SUN.

Top Butane Gas Cartridge “SUN FLAME”
201610cc_page_109_14Korea’s fi rst domestically produced portable butane gas cartridge, which is now well-known by global consumers, can be used for portable gas stoves and torches. Customized to the clients’ needs, TAEYANG Corporation produces the best-quality products and exports to about 65 countries worldwide. You can use it safely and conveniently at any place and any time. The annual production volume of SUN FLAME amounts to more than 200 million items.
The net weights are 220g, 227g and 250g.

Camping Gas Cartridge “ALPS BOMBE”
201610cc_page_109_03Alps Bombe is the standard outdoor gas fuel item for camping and mountain climbing, etc. The unique dome type camping canisters are ideally designed for space-saving, stable sett ing purposes. The excellent evaporability and high thermal effi ciency is well-suited to alpine cooking purposes.

The net weight comes in 110g, 230g and 450g.

201610cc_page_109_11It is a premium butane gas refi ll cartridge with the same rugged reliability. SUN LIGHTER GAS is very well known for its purity. You can experience the best performance of your lighter with ultra triple-refi ned premium butane gas. The net weights are 135g and 165g.

201610cc_page_109_17SUN FUEL GAS RANGE
With a built-in heat panel, the gas range warms butane cartridges and maximizes butane output and reduces butane waste. It is well-known for its high quality and safety.

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