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Hangover Cure Dink | Korean Products

November 21, 2016 There are myriad different folk remedies to remove hangover in varying countries. Many Koreans used to savor a hot bowl of beansprout soup to fight the hangover after heavy drinking. Now, a big majority of Korean drinkers are turning toward quicker and more reliable hangover cures like “CONDITION®.”

201610cc_page_108_06CONDITION® is Korea’s best-selling hangover remedy drink which was released in 1992 by CJ HealthCare. The launch of CONDITION® is recognized as the start of the “hangover remedies” market in Korea, which has grown into an estimated market size of 150 billion won (about US$134 million) as of 2015.

Since 1992 when CONDITION® was launched as the first-ever hangover cure drink of its kind in Korea, it has become a by-word for hangover cures, steadfastly maintaining its market-leading market position.

According to the data from CJ HealthCare, a total of 440 million bottles were sold, with sales adding up to more than one trillion won for the last 20 years as of 2012. The extraordinary product’s quality and the company’s devotion to consistent innovation for better product are considered key to CONDITION®’s enduring popularity as the no. 1 selling hangover remedy drink in Korea.

CJ HealthCare has continued to improve CONDITION® through six times of upgrades by carrying out constant R&D, animal-testing and clinical tests. The green-bottled CONDITION® (100ml) contains 100% Korean Hovenia dulcis fruits, which is excellent in activating the breakdown enzymes for alcohol and acetaldehyde, so it is possible to ease hangover symptom.

Constant R&D and innovation efforts are being made to contribute to peoples’ improved health and well-being.

201610cc_page_108_03CJ HealthCare has been engaged in developing new drugs for treatment of digestive or infl ammatory diseases and cancers, based on its own distinguished R&D capabilities.

CJ HealthCare is also actively conducting R&D activities for the 2ndgeneration EPOs and vaccines, and the company is developing modifi ed new drugs with a focus on chronic diseases, including circulatory and endocrine disorders.

Currently, CJ HealthCare has its own manufacturing facilities in Korea, such as its Icheon plant manufacturing biologics; the Daeso plant manufacturing oral APIs, solutions for infusion and cephalosporin antibiotics; and the Osong plant producing anti-cancer drugs and drug products. By completing the Osong plant in 2010, CJ HealthCare has paved the way for making inroads into the global market.

CJ HealthCare will strive to grow into a true global leader of the pharmaceutical industry through aggressive penetration into the overseas markets on the basis of the robust pipelines of new and biological drugs by 2020, with the utilization of its highly qualifi ed human resources possessing global R&D competence. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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