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November 21, 2016

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Since its establishment in 1965, Nongshim has evolved with the Korean food industry. One of the largest processed food manufacturers in Korea, Nongshim specializes in providing instant noodles and snacks, churning out numerous hit products including Shin Ramyun, Shrimp Crackers, Ansungtangmyun and Yukejang Bowl Noodle Soup, just to name a few.

Particularly, the half century history of Nongshim can be parallel with the history of ramyun in Korea. Production of new innovative products with the best R&D capability in the industry contributed to the constant growth of Nongshim.

And, the challenging spirit and the executive power have been the driving forces for Nongshim’s product development.

From Yukejang Bowl Noodle Soup which opened the era of cup noodle to Ansungtangmyun made at the specialized facilities for soup base and Shin Ramyun conquering the world with its spicy fl avor to the fi rst snack in Korea, Shrimp Crackers, Nongshim has always been pioneering new markets. Even today, Nongshim is seeking a new growth potential for the food market and tempering to lead the world market with its creative products and specialized technologies.

Nongshim has been focused to expand its market toward the world with the philosophy that ‘the most authentic Korean things are the most global things’, which captured the hearts of people around the world and allowed Nongshim products to be available anywhere in the world.

From the head of the earth, Jungfrau, to the Himalaya of the back and to Punta Arenas, Chile of the leg, Nongshim is serving the role of ‘Korean food exporter’ promoting the Korean taste.


Since its development in October 1986, Shin Ramyun has been steadily loved until now. At present, there is an average 3 million sales of Shin Ramyun each day, translating to about 25% of the total market for ramyun in Korea.
It is recognized as having unprecedented great success in the market for ramyun. Not only in Korea, the unique spicy fl avor of Shin Ramyun loved in 80 overseas countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

201610cc_page_112_07Kimchi Ramyun is pack noodles specifi cally for overseas consumers.
It is a pack of noodles that has the taste of Kimchi bowl noodle soup.
The Kimchi Bowl Noodle Soup allows consumers to experience the traditional taste of kimchi conveniently in the form of ramyun and boasts the longest history among products based on the taste of kimchi. Kimchi is the favorite food of many Koreans. Kimchi ramyun led the globalization of Korean ramyun starting at the ‘86 Asian Games and ‘88 Olymics, and is still a beloved kimchi bowl noodle soup.

201610cc_page_112_10‘Shrimp Crackers’ is Nongshim’s representative snack.
In order to develop the product, dozens of raw ingredient trucks were used. The best shrimp fl avor was fi nally born at the end of countless trials and errors. From its release, the snack was loved by customers and became the No. 1 snack brand for more than 30 years, loved all over the country generation after generation.




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