Developing Kitchenware to Make People Happy Since its founding in 1967, Samkwang Glass Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing total glass packages. Merged with Samkwang Can Co., Ltd in 2001, the company became the only company manufacturing and distributing total packages both in name and reality.

201610cc_page_113_03In 2005, Samkwang Glass launched an ecofriendly glass airtight container under the brand of Glasslock, which became a global brand. The company now exports the brand to 85 countries.

Samkwang Glass launched “Chef Topf,” a cookware brand, “Glasslock,” an eco-friendly brand for babies and “Tumblock,” an outdoor brand. In this manner, Samkwang Glass is growing into a general kitchenware company. Moreover, the company manufactures and supplies bott les and cans while meeting customer needs of major Korean beverage, liquor and food companies based on about 50 years’ technological prowess. On the other hand, its factory in Nonsan, Korea is known as the largest glass-manufacturer in Asia.

Glasslock tempered glass containers using four-side locking systems were made based on Tempermax technology which makes products very tough and endure extreme heat.

So this product can be used in a microwave oven and resist accidents in people’s daily lives. In particular, its glass is far safer than Chinese-made borosilicate glass which can cause injuries as it can crack easily due to external shocks.

201610cc_page_113_11Moreover it is environmentally friendly in that it is safe against environmental hormones.

As it is made of glass, it removes oil well, and makes no color or odor while keeping longer. Thus, hygiene use is available.

In addition, Glasslock products are made of soda-lime glass based on recyclable natural materials. Thus, sodalime glass is recognized as an eco-friendly product that enhances recyclability and reduces carbon discharged by manufacturers. The airtight containers have anti-slip design for safe use, too. They come in various sizes from 120 ml to 6,000 ml and various shapes, including rectangular, square, and round shapes.

For Harmonious Coexistence of People and Nature
201610cc_page_113_06Samkwang Glass has an independent research center and constantly releases new products that refl ect inputs from various sources. The company has passed the rigorous food safety standards of the United States and Germany and won a number of international design awards for quality and design.

In 2013, Samkwang Glass partnered with GROUPE SEB, the creator of Tefal, the world’s topmost kitchenware brand, to release the joint brand of ‘Tefal Glasslock.’ Samkwang Glass is also participating in making the world cleaner and healthier for everyone through social contribution activities such as the “One Green Step” campaign that refl ects its philosophy to be an environment-friendly company.

Samkwang Glass will continue to value the harmonious coexistence of people and nature and realize sustainable development based on innovation and creation to earn the trust of consumers, shareholders, and investors. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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