Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine)

Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine)[INQ. NO. 1805C12] Seoul Jangsoo Co., Ltd. is Korea’s largest and oldest Makgeolli producer. It uses high-quality ingredients to provide the taste of the original Korean rice wine Makgeolli. Its products have acquired HACCP certification.
By using carefully selected rice and clean water, Jangsoo Draft Makgeolli is produced through long-term fermentation aging at low-temperature. It is developed for export and to provide customers with more options. It realizes traditional Takju which is full of freshness, softness and abundant nutrients to introduce the original taste of Seoul Jangsoo Makgeolli to overseas as well as in Korea.
Walmae Makgeolli is the first product in Korea to contain carbonic acid for reducing the roughness of the Makgeolli and making it cool and refreshing. In addition, the improved PET bottle enables one to store it for a long time. This Korea’s representative Makgeolli is currently exported to 28 countries.
de chez is an RTD rice wine that is fermented with rice and pineapple juice. It is a blend of sweet and sour pineapple and the soft flavor of rice wine. Mak-cao is a ready to drink (RTD) made from rice and cacao nibs. As a leading manufacturer of Makgeolli with 55 year history, Seoul Jangsoo strives to produce healthy traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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