Korean Popular Liquor

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. is a global liquor company representing Korea. We are exporting beer, soju, whisky, Makgeolli, and plum wine to over 50 countries. We have been a significant part of the living history of Korean liquor since 1924. With responsibility as a top total liquor brand, we do our utmost to be socially responsible and support culture and sports.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry JINRO (Chamisul) is the world’s best selling spirits in the world for 14 years since 2001.

JINRO (Chamisul) is SOJU distilled by “Natural bamboo active charcoal” Its cleanliness is perfected through natural methods so that it is alcohol content is just enough to give A “kick” to popular cocktails but mild enough for an extended drinking experience.

Additionally, its smoothness and fl avor is a great accompaniment to BBQ dishes & grilled meat dishes.

Korean-Popular-Liquor JINRO MAKGEOLLI is the Korea’s traditional rice wine, made from 100% Korean rice and spring water from the purest regions of Korea. It uses low temperature double pasteurization method for longer shelf life and consistent flavor. Without any preservatives of artificial flavor, it features mild carbonation for refreshing and clean finish.


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