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September 1, 2012

Saongwon - Ready-prepared Foods

Saongwon Co., Ltd. has since its founding in 1995 manufactured and exported a wide variety of Korean foodstuffs featuring unique
Korean tastes and flavors to more than 20 countries. Saongwon mainly produces traditional Korean foodstuffs such as Jeon, laver roll fritter, Japche and Topokki as types of frozen foods in a bid to keep their original taste, nutritive value and flavors as possible. Time-pressed people can enjoy the delicious Korean dishes easily at home.

The company’s main products include Jeon (Koreanstyle pancake), fried Gimmari (laver roll fritter made with sweet potato noodles and a variety of ingredients wrapped with dry seaweed), Japche (Korea’s popular cuisine combining potato noodles, various vegetables and sliced meat),Topokki (broiled dish of sliced rice cake, vegetables and seasoning), kimchi croquette and Hotteok (Korean style pancake made with peanut and sugar in a sticky dough).

The jeon is a traditional Korean-style pancake made with flour batter, eggs and various other vegetables and is one of the most widely enjoyed Korean cuisines.

Saongwon provides various kinds of jeon made with various added ingredients: kimchi, pollack, mung bean dough, yellow pumpkin, leek and seafood.

All of the Saongwon’s ready-prepared foods take just 3-5 minutes to heat them on the frying pan or in the microwave. To ensure product safety, freshness and ease of handling, all of these products are quick frozen under strict hygiene control and high quality standards to comply with its HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).



• Saongwon Co., Ltd.
500, Samjeong-ri, , Eumseong-gun, Ghungbuk, Korea
Tel: (82-43)883-0100
Fax: (82-43)881-5572

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