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October 5, 2012

Prism - LED LampAs an industry-leading LED task-lighting solutions provider, Prism (www.prismlight.co.kr/eng) has pioneered the adaptation of the next-generation LED technology by the task lighting industry. Keeping with Prism’s tradition of minimalist design, the TL-8200 brings together the modernistic design and a classic knob control.

By the simple twist of the LED lit knob, a user can control the light level most suitable for each circumstance and customize the personal mood setting from a warmer light setting for a time of relaxation to a daylight setting for a focused working environment. In particular, the 135º vertical pivot of the LED bar with its glare control adjustability perfects the user defined lighting environment.

Another awardwinning design by Prism also enhances any interior settings with its futuristic, yet classic appearance. Unique Company Features Prism has pioneered the adaptation of the nextgeneration LED technology by the task-lighting industry. Product


Product Specifications
Light Output (Lumens): 450, Watts: 11, Lumens per Watt (Efficacy): 45, Color Accuracy (CRI): 84,
Light Color (CCT): 3500K to 5500K


Prism Co., Ltd. has invested in human-centric research and development of the next-generation task-lighting solutions. Today, Prism integrates LED technology and digital controls into its new line of task-lighting systems, building on the market leading lighting strategy and detailed client evaluations from numerous pilot studies.

Since the optimal application of the tasklighting system is essential to implement the task ambient lighting strategy, all of the company’s products have been designed to improve worker productivity from day one. Giving individual control of both the light level & the personal mood setting CCT, Prism has redefined the meaning of ergonomic lighting experience.

Prism International R&D center located in the greater Seattle area continues to lead its effort to improve its task-lighting technology as the lighting industry faces the greatest technological revolution.
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