Cellulite Treatment Equipment “VINUSHAPE”

Daeyang Medical Co., Ltd., founded in 1970, is engaged in both in the medical and in the beauty fields. The company is equipped with professionally qualified manpower and hightech machinery and modern devices. It produces and sells a complete range of products and accessories. The company also designs, produces and sells according to the quality systems certified KGMP and ISO13485, always trying to give customers the best satisfaction by supplying machines with excellent quality.

VINUSHAPEhttps://korean-products.com/inquiry Daeyang Medical is an expert manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and machinery which has been operated for over 40 years owing to the customer’s enthusiastic support. It creates four divisions with the aim of concentrating on all the resources in the different activities of each division – aesthetic equipment; physiotherapy equipment; OEM & ODM and R&D.

VINUSHAPE: The revolutionary cellulite treatment has multipolar RF, dynamic vacuum, LED and ultracavitation. It has smooth and powerful vibration effects by super pulse suction system to reduce cellulite and reshape body. Daeyang exports to more than 50 countries all around the world, there especially are many distributers in the Middle East, Europe, and the company wants to expand the business into the emerging markets like BRICS.

Certifications: CE, KGMP, CAMCAS, KFDA, etc. Obtained ISO9001/13485

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Eco-friendly Underwater LED Fishing Lamp

Eco-friendly Underwater LED Fishing Lamp

The LED underwater fishing lamp uses reinforced plastic and stainless steel frame for strong anti-corrosion, and VUFL-150 is semi-permanent, unlike the existing metal halide models easy to break. The product is designed effectively to resist water pressure through the waterproof structure, and consume only 150W for strong power-saving effect. VUFL-150 is 62mm x 550mm in size, and enable 360° of radiation angle. The product is equipped with a rated input voltage of DC 185V, and can also operate on AC 220V in connection with DC switching mode power supply. VUFL-150 lasts more than 30,000 hours, and provides color temperature of 8,500K and light velocity of more than 15,000 lumen.


https://korean-products.com/inquiry VIB Inc. specializes in the fields of semiconductor programming and LED lamp design, and through the innovative technologies, the LED underwater fishing lamp, LED light lamp and LED search light were launched in 2005 to be satisfy the customer needs domestically and internationally. VIB Inc. has successfully supplied its innovative LED products to domestic fishing and industrial equipment industries and export to foreign countries, especially in Thailand. VIB Inc. acquired several certifications including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications. Patents regarding the designs of water-proof LED light lamps, LED search lights and LED underwater fishing lamps were registered and acquired.

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Eco-Friendly Water-Proof LED Lamp Products Pinning Hopes on Global Market

LED Underwater Fishing Lamp

A strong anti-corrosion LED underwater fishing lamp has been developed by VIBInc. Employing reinforced plastic and stainless steel frame, the product (VUFL-150) features solid structure and superior anti-corrosive properties. Unlike easy-to-break existing metal halide models, VUFL-150 ensures a semi-permanent life. With an water-proof structure, the model is specially designed to effectively resist water pressure. Consuming only 150W, it brings about strong power-saving effect. Measuring ∮62mm x 550mm, it permits a radiation angle of 360°. With a rated input voltage of DC 185V, it can also work on AC 220V in connection with a DC SMPS (switching mode power supply). Lasting more than 30,000 hours, it comes with a color temperature of 8,500K and a light velocity of more than 15,000 lumen.


LED Light Lamp

VIBInc.’s LED light lamp is widely applicable for tractors, combines, excavators, loaders, fork lifts, automobile headlights, tail lights and so on. With a heavy-duty structure, the product employs reinforced plastic lenses and aluminum heat sinks. A water-proof type, it effectively endures vibration. It comes with straight-radiation or dispersive-radiation type lenses. Straight-radiation type models (VWL-20S12, VWL-20S24) offers a radiation angle of 15°, while dispersive-radiation type models (VWL-20W12, VWL-20W24) providing a radiation angle of 30°. Measuring ∮120mm x 47mm, the product has a rated input power of DC 12V or DC 24V. It has a light velocity of 1,940 lumen and a color temperature of 5,700K.


LED Search Light

LED-Search-Lighthttps://korean-products.com/inquiry Employing super power LED chips, VIBInc.’s LED search light (VSL-23W220) features low power consumption (80W) and easy maintenance. Measuring 134 x 143 x 387mm, VSL-23W220 can be installed at any indoor and outdoor places. With a radiation angle of 23°, the model operates on a rated input voltage of AC 220V (2.7A). It comes with a light velocity reaches 8,800 lumen and a color temperature of 5,600K.

More Details

  • Place of orgin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Based on its accumulated technologies in the fields of semiconductor programming and LED lamp design, VIBInc. has rapidly caught intense attention both from home and abroad since its inception in 2005 by releasing innovative LED underwater fishing lamps, LED light lamps and LED search lights.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • VIBInc. has successfully supplied its innovative LED products to domestic fishing and industrial equipment industries. The company has already exported its products to overseas customers, especially in Thailands.
  • VIBInc. has already acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. The company also has various patented technologies concerning designs of water-proof LED light lamps, LED search lights and LED underwater fishing lamps.

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Environment-friendly LED

https://korean-products.com/inquiryEstablished in 2006, Myongsin specializes in advanced LED through cooperation with several others firms for technical development and manufacturing marketing.

Through application of these advanced technologies, it hopes to become a leader in producing LED for the green industry.

In 2010, it has successfully developed the 90W directional-focusing lamp and the patent (No. 10-0973331) for LED lamp equipment and the ISO 9001 certification.

Moreover, it obtained the INNO-BIZ (Innovation business firm certificate issued by the small and medium industry administration) and the 60W safety lamp for high-efficiency energy material in 2011.


In 2013, it obtained the certificate for high-efficiency lamp for 120W and that of the 90W directional-focus LED.

Its product line for indoors include the SDF-0600 (60W Emission) used mainly for sports center, logistic center, large-sized factory, storehouse and gas stations.

Another model is the SDF-150R (150W Emission) used in similar locations. Other available models are the SDF-100G (DCD 100W), the SDF-100F (DCR 100W), and the SDF-100H (DCC 100W). For its outdoor model, it presents the LED crosswalk lamp emitting 60W, 90W and 120W products along with LED safety lamp and the LED signal lamp.

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LED Flat Light

LED Flat Light - Techsign Light Panel Co., Ltd.

TechsignLight Panel Co. Ltd. has fully focused on developing and producing eco-friendly edge types of LED flat light for indoor use since 2002, mainly exporting to USA, Europe and Asia. The LED flat light is environmentally friendly and well-being lighting that features cost-saving, long lifespan and excellent uniformity.

TechSign Flat Light has recessed troffers designed for low profile drop ceiling grid reducing height restrictive applications. It is ideal for standard commercial ceiling grids; typically used to replace standard 2’x2’ fluorescent fixtures.

Using Edge-Lit technology, TechSign Flat Light Luminaire causes no eye strain because they have no glare and provide uniform luminance so it is ideal for the offices, hallways or commercial applications.

Specifications: natural night color Temperature, size: 450×450, 600×150, 605×605, 595×595, 1215×150, 1215x300mm etc. Certifications: CE, ETL, High efficiency listed / LM-79 pending / DLC pending/ LM-79 / DLC qualified in a month.

• Techsign Light Panel Co., Ltd.
526, Sahyeon,Jeongan, Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-41)858-0762
E-mail: tony@techsignlp.com
If you want to visit the website of Techsign Light Panel Co. techsignlp.com/intro

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LED Bulb


NEOMARU LED bulb is E26 base type product designed to be compatible with conventional incandescent lamp. It is also highefficiency and low-power product that consumes power of 80% less than the standard fluorescent light bulbs. There is no flicker, which means reduced eyestrain. Additionally, the environment-friendly product contains no harmful materials such as mercury and cadmium. Two types of LED bulbs are available

– Angle of Beam Spread of more than 220º or more than 140º. They ensure high reliability by acquiring KC & CE quality and safety

NEOMARU Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 as a specialized manufacturer of LED lamps. Selected as one of the “Top 1,000” companies in South Korea for seven straight years, NEOMARU has continuously invested in R&D, earning a reputation a manufacturer of excellent LED lamps.



970-53 Wolchul-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea
Tel: (82-70)7705-8989
Fax: (82-62)945-8989
E-mail: sales-hiro@intops.co.kr
If you want to visit the website of NEOMARU , neomaru.co.kr/Default2.asp

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Crosswalk LED Lighting System

Crosswalk LED Lighting System - SEO

SEO Co., Ltd. is a LED system manufacturer in Gwangju, Korea. One of the company’s innovative products, in addition to their LED
lamps and LED street lights, is the Crosswalk LED Light. The lightemitting system operated with four LED-mounted bollard is particularly useful for a crosswalk where a traditional traffic signal and a signal controller cannot be installed, thus likely to cause safety problems at night.

As the four bollards installed at the sidewalk emit the light to illuminate the crosswalk in normally green light, the system improves the pre-recognition of both pedestrians and drivers about the road situation, subsequently helpful to slowing down the driving speed of cars and keep pedestrians attentive to the crossing.

SEO’s crosswalk LED lighting system provides adjustable illumination angles, depending on the road situations, through an optimized design for light distribution, thus allowing the light to illuminate the crosswalk more effectively. The system has IP67 level of waterproofing and dustproofing to prevent dust and moisture from infiltrating. It also utilizes a completely sealed cooling system using a connective water cooling method (patented technology) to keep the temperature of the LED heat-emitting part lower than 45 degrees, thus guaranteeing the long lifespan of the LED lamp.



• SEO Co., Ltd.
76-17, Dongsu-dong Naju, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel: 1588-2264
E-mail: oieh@seoitv.com
If you want to visit the website of SEO Co. seoitv.com

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LED Desk Lamp

Prism - LED LampAs an industry-leading LED task-lighting solutions provider, Prism (www.prismlight.co.kr/eng) has pioneered the adaptation of the next-generation LED technology by the task lighting industry. Keeping with Prism’s tradition of minimalist design, the TL-8200 brings together the modernistic design and a classic knob control.

By the simple twist of the LED lit knob, a user can control the light level most suitable for each circumstance and customize the personal mood setting from a warmer light setting for a time of relaxation to a daylight setting for a focused working environment. In particular, the 135º vertical pivot of the LED bar with its glare control adjustability perfects the user defined lighting environment.

Another awardwinning design by Prism also enhances any interior settings with its futuristic, yet classic appearance. Unique Company Features Prism has pioneered the adaptation of the nextgeneration LED technology by the task-lighting industry. Product


Product Specifications
Light Output (Lumens): 450, Watts: 11, Lumens per Watt (Efficacy): 45, Color Accuracy (CRI): 84,
Light Color (CCT): 3500K to 5500K


Prism Co., Ltd. has invested in human-centric research and development of the next-generation task-lighting solutions. Today, Prism integrates LED technology and digital controls into its new line of task-lighting systems, building on the market leading lighting strategy and detailed client evaluations from numerous pilot studies.

Since the optimal application of the tasklighting system is essential to implement the task ambient lighting strategy, all of the company’s products have been designed to improve worker productivity from day one. Giving individual control of both the light level & the personal mood setting CCT, Prism has redefined the meaning of ergonomic lighting experience.

Prism International R&D center located in the greater Seattle area continues to lead its effort to improve its task-lighting technology as the lighting industry faces the greatest technological revolution.
For more information, please send e-mail at julius2u@naver.com

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LED Street Light

LED Street LightVision Tech specializes in LED lighting systems and solutions. LED lighting has become the de facto lighting of choice for an extremely wide range of lighting applications thanks to its high efficiency and environmentally friendly features. Vision Tech manufactures a full range of lighting products including LED streetlights, security lights, indoor lights, and tunnel illumination.


Vision Tech’s LED lighting can replace existing low-efficiency fluorescent or incandescent lights for longer life and higher efficiency. In addition, LED lights do not use harmful gases such as mercury vapors. Vision Tech’s LED lamps use graphite paper heat sinks that considerable reduce product weight, cut production costs, and create a more eco-friendly product.

Vision Tech’s street lights use aluminum reflectors that are finely machined for optimal light distribution as well as the housing and heat sink assembly. The light cover is made from semi-opaque thermal glass. The durability, costeffectiveness and energy-efficiency of Vision Tech’s LED streetlights make them ideal for installation along roadways, pedestrian and bicycle paths, parks, schools, reservoirs, factories and other locations that require outdoor lighting.

As one of Korea’s newest LED manufacturers, Vision Tech’s core capability lies in its technological prowess. The company has received the NET (New Excellent Technology) and the NEP (New Excellent Product) certifications, as well as certifications for high-efficiency energy materials, green technology, and green management.



• Vision Tech Co., Ltd.
293-4, Allak 2-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan, Korea
Tel: (82-51)529-7001
E-mail: vt0000@naver.com
Website: v-t.co.kr

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LED Magnifier

LED Magnifier

Launched by Enfren, Ef-200 is an environmentally friendly and eyesightprotection lamp.

Equipped with a high-brightness SMD-type LED chip (12ea) and metal PCB, the innovative LED desk lamp provides a brighter and wider illuminating angle (560lux,190°), ensuring minimized electricity consumption and enhanced lifespan at the same time.

In particular, it combines an extra-large non-spherical multi-angular magnifier lens (X2) that can provide a clear magnified view without distortion from any angle.

The extra-large-sized lens with diameter of 112 x 155mm allows people to conveniently use it for reading or work without feeling dizziness and headaches for a long time.

Two pieces of flexible spring tube are designed to move up & down, and to the left & right easily so that users can control the height and angle freely.

The device also features a touch sensor power switch, three-step dimming function and dazzling protection cover using LG Chem’s “LUMIPLAS” only for LED.

The product acquired several safety certifications -CE, KTL (Safety Certificates of Korea), RoHS, and ISO 9001.

Enfren Co., Ltd. is the leading company in the field of LED magnifiers, LED desk lamps, air purifiers, and therapy devices.

Its products are exported to various countries, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East.

It is possible to fit about 1,500 pcs into a 20-foot container.




• Enfren Co., Ltd.
103-1210, Bucheon Techno Park Ssang Yong 3, 36-1, Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-70)8255-7051 Fax: (82-32)624-2259
Website: enfren.com

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