LED Indoor Plant Cultivating Equipment


PARPOT is an indoor plant cultivating device using LEDas a light source for the photosynthesis zone of plants instead of sunlight in the room with not enough light. This product provides optimum conditions for the vegetation of plants and it can also be used as a natural air purifier through plants, for growing high-priced plants, and as an interior decoration.

PARPOT enables plant cultivation all year round and features power consumption of up to 30W, resulting in lower electricity costs. In addition, it uses the soil cultivation method instead of hydroponic cultivation, allowing one to manage various plants without using culture fluids or disinfectants.
Established in 2011, MO GREEN Co., Ltd. specializes in LED plant cultivation equipment by combining LED light sources and plant cultivation technology. It holds a patent for environment control systems for vinyl houses and nutrient solution cultivation technology. In addition, MO GREEN develops smart products using combined smart technologies to increase customer convenience.

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