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Ambiente 2019 Products

Electric Air Purifier

Electric Air Purifier

Honey Blower displays the state of the air in five different colors. It uses photocatalyst technology to break down into the air with light and can be used semi-permanently without replacement. Equipped with a UV sterilizing function for the interior, it sterilizes

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LED Lights & Art Cups

LED Lights & Art Cups

Flower Artist LED Lights is a multi-purpose item and an art object that can be used as a flowerconcept light during the day. Filled with space and a mild scent, this lighting object has been created through more than ten years of R&D by professional artists who

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Multi-Purpose Detergent

Multi-Purpose Detergent

Silver Step is a certified eco-friendly product made from orange oil. It is a premium luxury house cleaning agent that is excellent in skin moisturization, protecting the hands and is easy to use with excellent penetration and cleaning power. It has excellent biodegradability

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