LED Lights & Art Cups


Flower Artist LED Lights is a multi-purpose item and an art object that can be used as a flowerconcept light during the day. Filled with space and a mild scent, this lighting object has been created through more than ten years of R&D by professional artists who majored in crafts.
It provides a surprisingly similar look and feels to the actual hydrangea, adding a diffuser flavor to it to create an emotional object. Mixed with LED, it can be an excellent interior prop that is transformed into a romantic light with aromatic fragrance at night.

Reflective Art Cup Series has been invented with very unique reflective technology and they create a perfect leopard when both cup and plate meet like magic.
WhiteCotton Inc. is a lifestyle object specialist shop that started in 2016 in Seoul’s trendy boulevard. With the aim to create a world where everyone enjoys art in everyday life, WhiteCotton presents unique design & art objects at affordable prices to contribute to the popularization of art.

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