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Size-Adjustable Storage Container | Korean Products

January 25, 2019

PuzzleLock is a storage container that can be resized according to the amount and space of the contents. Strongly coupled with each other, the containers are convenient for storage and transportation. Since all the parts are separable, it is easy to clean without any tools.
Its size can be adjusted along the patterned path on the product, which eliminates wasted space, thereby increasing the space efficiency. It also has the advantage of maintaining the freshness of the food longer by compressing the contents and reducing contact with air. This space-efficient product is specialized for a growing number of single-person households and is also suitable for housewives who want an organized kitchen.

PUZZLE LOCK Inc., founded in 2014, is a company that researches ways to create new conveniences in everyday life. The company has won the Gold Medal at iENA 2014 in Germany and the Silver Medal at the 2018 Seoul International Invention Fair. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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