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February 1, 2019

Silver Step is a certified eco-friendly product made from orange oil. It is a premium luxury house cleaning agent that is excellent in skin moisturization, protecting the hands and is easy to use with excellent penetration and cleaning power. It has excellent biodegradability and protects the global environment. The refreshing fragrance of orange refreshes the house.
Top Step is a certified eco-friendly product, boasting excellent cleaning ability for life pollution using seven enzymes. The allergy-free fragrance is used to acquire skin hypoallergenic certification. It also has powerful cleaning ability even with a small amount of use.

KMPC Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive eco-friendly detergent manufacturer, producing about 50 kinds of household, office, and industrial products and is supplied through domestic distribution channels and TV home shopping and exports to 18 countries including the USA, China, Russia, Japan, and Europe.
The company runs a production facility that is capable of producing 30 tons per day. In 2019, an automation system plant that can produce four times as much water as the current plant will be introduced. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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