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July 25, 2018

LED Desk lamp & Vacuum Sealer

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1807C05] Flexible Leather LED Desk lamp is the first combination of leather and electronics in Korea, featuring the texture of PU leather with colorful desk lamp. A variety of shapes are available for the LED desk lamp thanks to the flexibility. It is also easy to carry when folded.
Labella Handheld Mini Vacuum is an ultra-compact vacuum sealer. It is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump in order to maintain the freshness of various foods and ingredients such as fruit, meat, soybean, seafood for a long time and to reduce the volume as well as rechargeable micro USB. It prevents a liquid inflow when food is vacuumed and the one-touch button makes it easy to use.
The Vacuum Zipper bag pouch is not disposable but can be used repeatedly. Made of zipper bag of PA / PE double structure with embossed bottom surface, it is double-structured for steady vacuum speed. The vacuum packing sealer can be operated hundreds of times with one-time charging. It can be used for packaging of various small products besides food and can be sealed in any direction with silicone rubber protrusions at the bottom of the product for perfect sealing of the zipper bag.
Established in 2014, ORDA Co., Ltd. has been devoted to developing LED lights and LED related concepts products. Its products include BugSpark, a bug zapper with no noise, USB Camping LED Bulb, USB Bug Repellent LED Bub, Flex Leather LED Desklamp, and Smart LED tube.

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