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October 11, 2012

Kitchenware means more than tools for cooking these days. It represents a unique culture for each household since good kitchenware offers comfort and healthy appetite. Thus people become very selective and hesitant when it comes to buying them as the quality of life improves. However, they do not need to waste time and money no longer on faulty and disappointing products. A Korean kitchenware maker, BOK(The Best of KitchenWare), has an answer to their discriminating tastes.


BOKThe company is proud of its 30 years of experiences and expertise. Focusing on what aluminum kitchenware can offer, BOK, by introducing daily necessities in the various markets, gradually has been gaining recognition for quality at home and abroad; the acquirement of KS A/ISO9002 in 1999 certainly speaks volumes. Also, its fully automated manufacturing line gives BOK an edge with competitive price. And its royal customers just cannot stop praising BOK’s highly-valued frying pans and cook-pots.

Whether it is about frying an egg or mixing up meats and vegetables, first you need to be ready with BOK’s aluminum non-stick frying pans. Especially customized for your unique and healthy cooking experience, BOK guarantees durability with its special triple coating process and dissipates your doubt with aluminum’s anti-toxic effect. And many different types of frying pans in different sizes and colors are available, such as hunt fry pans, apple egg pans, embo fry pans, UFO fry pans, and etc.


BOK A wide variety of affordable cooking pots are waiting for you. There are classic pig pots, yellow soil pots, classic pans, silver star pots, and more for your choice. High quality aluminum offers strong durability, and their non-stick finish helps you cook like a professional. For more information, you can visit

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