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October 12, 2012

Personal Security Device - World HumantecLaunched by WORLD HUMANTEC, MAGMA is a versatile portable device for self defense and security with three different protective functions – gas gun, security alarm and zoom flash. MAGMA is made in a smart and handy type design, not in a shape of a gun.

As its body is made of aluminum alloy, this small-size body protection device is solid and light and easy to carry. This is a multi-function personal protection device which allows the user to utilize the gas gun as well as the security alarm device, the individual users, when facing dangerous situations, can fire the tear gas at the perpetrators and take measures against the dangerous situations. It is an environmentally friendly product that does not use the Freon gas and the CO2 gas.

In addition, MAGMA can be used as a security alarm as it has an alarm sound function that notifies your presence to other people when you are in danger, and also has an embedded motion sensor.
Furthermore, MAGMA can be used as a zoom flash for leisure activities and general purposes.

The technical capability has been internationally recognized by being awarded silver medal in 2010 Nuremburg exhibition of inventions, one of most famous three exhibitions held in Germany.



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