G.TEN, founded in 1986, has been devoted to inventing and manufacturing novel household goods that will be able to improve people’s everyday life. After five years of efforts, the company introduced a new concept clothespins and stainless steel clip hanger under its ‘M-CLIP’ brand name. With PCT pending in 126 countries, the company is striving to tap

VENIX Co., Ltd. is a leading company based on the customers the best attention policy with offering cleaning tape, label, printing, barcode related business, and corporate standard auxiliary pursuing change, challenge, and innovation. It also provides optimal

Released by Youngdo Metal, this new smartphone strap provides various benefits. Most of all, a person can safely grip his or her mobile phone with one finger, while rotating the phone freely for horizontal or vertical view.
With the safe strap, the mobile

Launched by WORLD HUMANTEC, MAGMA is a versatile portable device for self defense and security with three different protective functions – gas gun, security alarm and zoom flash. MAGMA is made in a smart and handy type design, not in a shape of a

As a private label supplier for world-wide distribution channels, Bonne produces a wide range of OEM products to meet the diverse needs of customers from basic skin care to the special care (whitening, anti-wrinkle, stem cell peptide

TOMORROW-LINE, established in Japan, 2005, started its busienss with health information system and consulting. In later 2011, the company has opened up Korean branch in order to expand its business for planning, developing, and distributing new goods over the previous IT related

Kowellcut vegetable grinder provides diverse functions – cutting, dehydration and mixing, thus reducing cooking time. For cutting, people just need to put the vegetables or fruits in an appropriate size after fixing blades and pivot stand to the