Cleaning Tapes & Labels

VENIX Co., Ltd. is a leading company based on the customers the best attention policy with offering cleaning tape, label, printing, barcode related business, and corporate standard auxiliary pursuing change, challenge, and innovation. It also provides optimal solutions to customers through constant innovation (e.g.quality, technology, structure).

Item Description
1. Label: Produced for various purposes like business, bar codes, and advertising purposes
2. Wrap (protective tape) : Scratch resistance material for protecting cars, refrigerators, LCD, and etc.
3. Manufacturing barcode program system and Supplying various equipment : Providing and developing bar code solution for the needs of customers to manage the system



• Venix Co., Ltd.
1058-18 Wonpyung-dong, Gumi, Gyungsangbuk-do, Korea
Tel: (82-54)458-8989
Fax: (82-54)458-8181

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