Clothespin and Clip Hanger

Clothespin and Clip Hanger - G.TENG.TEN, founded in 1986, has been devoted to inventing and manufacturing novel household goods that will be able to improve people’s everyday life. After five years of efforts, the company introduced a new concept clothespins and stainless steel clip hanger under its ‘M-CLIP’ brand name. With PCT pending in 126 countries, the company is striving to tap into new markets abroad.

The body of M-CLIP clothespinis manufactured in all-in-one type, unlike the traditional products whose structure is assembled with three parts and thereby is vulnerable to damage. In addition to the sturdy all-in-one structure, the body is thick and highly resistant to sunlight, being exceptionally durable. The spring isincorporated inside the body so that it is not likely to get rusted and dirty. The M-CLIP clothespin can be widely used to dry laundry and organize small household items at home.

Additionally, the stainless clip hanger is convenient to take dried laundry without any damage by just pulling instead of pressing a clip. If people want to dry more laundry in a small space just by hanging it on a window rail, chair back or door handle, it can be kept by hanging on nail after use. Stainless steel frame is luxurious and durable.As steel-spring is inside of the clip, its durability is excellent. The single body-type structure is solidand durable. Its thick body is strong against sunlight.


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