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November 2, 2012

Gumcheon - Sericite Cleansing Massage PackGumcheon Sericite Cleansing Massage Pack is made by using varied natural ingredients such as coconut oil, squalene, medicinal herb extracts, tocopherol, grape seed oils, aloe vera extract as well as Sericite, which features far-infrared radiation, deodorizing effects and waste absorption as well as plenty of minerals.

The Sericite Cleansing Massage Pack, which can be used as a daily cleanser and mask for all types of skin dramatically improves the overall quality of the skin, keeping the skin soft and supple, without irritation.
Also it gently and effectively removes dirt, debris, and lipid from the skin barrier or denaturing the skin’s keratin promotes cell turnover and rejuvenates the skin cells. In addition, it helps improve skin elasticity and vitality and makes one feel healthy and beautiful.


Efficacy: – Exfoliation(improving dead skin cells
– Improvement rate by 20.16% for dead skin cells
– Improving sebum amount – improvement rate by 43.41% for sebum on the skin.
– Improving skin pores – improvement rate by 10.13% for skin pores reduction
– Improving facial lifting – improving rate by 4.31% for facial lifting
– Improving blood circulation – improving rate by 10.40% immediately after applying the specimen, and 17.56% after 15minutes



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