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Natural Cosmetics

[INQ. NO. 1907C06] 9CC Blue Sea Blanchiment Water Drops Cream is a brightening cream that contains Tahitian black pearl and low-molecular Fish collagen to bring minerals, moisture, and nourishment to the skin. This smart IBE cream shows the health condition…

Cosmetics & Household Products

GS Chem Co., Ltd. is Korea’s No. 1 aerosol manufacturer equipped over 42 years accumulated expertise and development capability from development of raw solutions to charging. Since the establishment of a technological research institute in 2006, GS Chem has grown…

Premium Cosmetics

INHYUNJIN is a premium anti-aging brand which solves moisture loss, dullness and sagging skin thanks to the specially designed ‘fast-absorbing formulation’ with the patented active ingredient complex, Yurisu. SAROMAE is an Oriental skin science program for various skin types: moisturizing,…

Skincare Cosmetics

Certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin Care Set provides a moisturizing coating with water drops, Brightening (Niacinamide), Skin Elasticity (Adenosine), Anti-Oxidation (Flavonoid) and Anti-wrinkle (Collagen). Niacinamide helps erase discolorations and revive the skin’s…

Cosmetics for Whitening & Wrinkle-Improvement

Today, the world is paying greater attention to the infinite potential of the insect industry. In preparation for food shortages due to climate change and population growth, the USA and Japan are actively engaged in plant commercialization. In addition, the global biotechnology companies are investing

Functional Cosmetics

Cell +, produced by Purecell Korea Co., Ltd., is an ampoule for skin regeneration. A micro-needle stimulates the dermal layer of the skin finely to quickly advance the 28-day skin regeneration cycle. It is effective in treating freckles, pore shrinkage, blemishes, and for whitening and wrinkle improvement.
TOK + is a wrinkle-care product that is effective for reducing wrinkles around the

Peeling Pad

Wish Formula Two Two 22 Beauty Pads are highly functional fusion cosmetics composed of tools and programs designed to make skin care easier by rubbing with the essence of the beauty pads. They are easy to use, and high-value-added disposable fusion cosmetics consisting of two

Functional Cosmetics

The Better Skin Deojoeun Skin, containing purified sturgeon oil water, helps to improve resilience, moisturize, soothe, regenerate, and clear skin problems. Equipped with a remarkable absorption power, it regenerates the skin to be healthy and to completely resistant to the harmful

Functional Cosmetics

AQUACOOL is a water-soluble sports recovery gel that provides strong cooling-down effects on tired muscles, joints or irritated and heated areas, delivers vitality and facilitates the quick recovery of all areas. Various versions of the product have been

New-Concept Skincare Cosmetics

CELLSTORY contains Micro-Spear®, a patented ingredient that stimulates the skin, and 20 essential amino acid complexes and nutrients such as three proteins (GF) to provide essential nutrients to the skin.
It is a cosmetics product tailored to the

Skin Regenerating Cosmetics

Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) is a pure DNA segment extracted from salmonid sea trout. It is a tissue regeneration material that has outstanding effectiveness in easing inflammation and restoration of the skin, ligaments, and tendons in your body. It is most similar to the DNA of the human placenta, so it is extremely safe having no human immune reaction. PDRN is selectively used for high-end cosmetics and medical treatments

Anti-Aging Cosmetics

9tails, an anti-aging cosmetics brand, was launched by GIBEST in 2015, which has grown as a skin care specialist. Under the attitude of “Learn from Customers and Reward Customer for Cosmetics,”