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November 2, 2012

Imagination one by one comes true. Cars can run on alternative energy sources like oxygen and electricity. Recently, one U.S. firm introduced a beast-like drone that can move on four legs. Automation is already in place for manufacturing a lot of goods. Robots are quickly replacing people who are working under difficult and dangerous conditions. The future will soon see the advent of robotcracy in which human-like robots play a central role in the society. Unless they join the dark side, the robots can hugely benefit the human civilization. And HURO does whatever it takes to lead them in the right direction.


huro-pencil-caseBegan in 20120, HURO is the combination of Human and Robot and engages in developing and manufacturing IT Convergence products. The future-oriented firm secures and possesses multiple patents; they are clearly manifesting its leadership in the IT technology industry. HURO has been making huge efforts in apply IT technologies to a wide variety of peripheral devices for your quality of life.

HURO’s smart twowing pencil case looks simple and smart. You have to input a secret code by touching on its beautifully lit LED number pad. Every time you place your finger on it, it senses and vibrates. A square display can show your favorite images, and also you can play default games for fun. Looking at the inside, a built-in board plate is for you as a memo pad. The case can safely keep your valuable goods other than pencils. All 5 different colors are for your pick-up. Another gadget is HR series with its slim design. This navigation system offers GPS mode and photo album function. For more information, you can visit

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