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November 3, 2012

Bio-Polytech - Edible CollagenThe quest for flawless skin and beauty has also spurred the growth of the new market for ‘inner beauty’ products in Korea. Simply put, inner beauty products refer to dietary supplements, jellies and drinks promising to help rejuvenate skin.

Released by Bio Polytech, Collagen Vita is an edible collagen formulated to prevent the skin damage and aging, satisfying the women’s desire to keep them as beautiful and young as they possibly can. Being absorbed into the skin through ingestion, Collagen Vita’s efficacy is much faster and stronger when people put them on the skin topically.

Its main ingredients are marine collagen using completely scales of fishes; dietary fiber of chicory; Vitamin C and Xylitol.

These ingredients provide the following benefits:

  • Fish (marine collagen): minimize molecular weight and improve digestion and absorption force
  • Preventing skin damage and aging skin
  • Dietary fiber of chicory: decrease serum cholesterol and neutral fats
  • Vitamin C: effect of antioxidants and wound healing
  • Xylitol: preventing caries and keeping refreshment in the mouth


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