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Cosmetic Pouch – EUN HAE | Korean Products

November 5, 2012

Often we need to carry personal effects wherever we go. For this matter, one simple and common tool comes useful: a bag typically made of animal skins or fibers. It can easily contain lots of different things inside and has a long history. It is no overstatement that a bag has been a big contributor to the development of the human civilization as it allows people to collect and carry materials. Today, bags are not only functional but fashionable, and reach far and wide around the world since everyone uses them, plus they have many uses as well. Korea’s EUN HAE wants to be part of the continuous development of the civilization and the fashion leaders with its unique pouches, wallets, bags, and more.

Founded in 2009, EUN HAE as a cosmetic pouch maker has been engaged in manufacturing personal and home accessories. The firm greets 2012 as a pivotal year; EUN HAE is determined to completely transform itself into a more competitive runner in the market based on its challenging and innovative attitude. Through its customer-oriented management, EUN HAE is poised to make some noise in the global market.

EUN HAE’s pouch items are far and wide in terms of design and color. Take a look at Rainbow pouches. Each pouch looks stylishly different and well represents uniquely designated colors that come as one similar taste at first sight but gradually appear slightly manipulated. Also various patterns are quite going along with each item’s figure and size. Stripes P and DnG P are littered with blots that build up their idiosyncratic flares. Some of Rainbow P series come with another secondary tiny square pouches. You can find more at

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