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November 7, 2012

Makgeolli can be simply referred to as “Traditional Korean rice wine,” which is a mixture of several ingredients like rice and wheat. Its white-like milky color and alcoholic sweetness has long fascinated Koreans and even foreigners alike. With Korean pancakes such as pajeon or bindaettok, the rice wine tastes better. Interestingly, a jujube farmer, Korea’s Guam Agricultural Industry, decides to combine it with Guam Makgeolli for your health, and they are gaining recognition.

For over three decades, Guam has been growing jujubes in Cheongsong, Korea. The place is blessed with quality mineral water and its natural surrounding right at the foot of Mt. Juwangsan. The firm recognized the critical benefits that jujubes can bring and turn them into good mixes such as Jujube Makgeolli, Jujube Jam, and Jujube wine. The farmer does this with sincerity and faith believing that, by introducing these jujube products, more and more people can become healthy. And Guam Agricultural Industry is fulfilling its obligations with class; a number of patents, awards, and certificates can help customers rest assured.


MakgeoliPatented Guam Jujube Makgeolli is brewed with 100% rice and jujubes, and these jujubes are processed at Cheongsong. The region boasts clean mineral water and a natural environment. Both men and women can sip and lose themselves in its sweetness and soft flavors. Another proven product is Guam’s Mineral Jujube Jam; this special item offers the sweetest taste of jujubes and more importantly its rich nutrition. Based on Guam’s specialized manufacturing processes, the product does not need any added seasoning. People can fully enjoy what it can offer by dipping snacks into it or using it as a relish for drinking. T Jujube Wine is Guam’s premium quality drink that contains exclusive mineral water and sweet jujubes, including Cheongsong’s apples. For more information, you can visit guamjujube.co.kr/en/index.php



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