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Imagine what if your simple shopping bag can turn into one versatile carrier that is flaring up with fashion and comes practical at the same time. Does it sound too good to be true? But sometimes a few things are too good to be real. This time, Korea’s RUME KOREA makes it happen.

RUME KOREA began spreading its idiosyncratic styles in 2008 as an exclusive distributor for RUME in USA. Years later, RUME KOREA was ready to stand alone, and its independent brand name was born. The bag maker has created light and practical bags that can continue to create a buzz in the market. With its distinctive trait that caters to customers’ ever-changing demand, RUME KOREA is exporting to the numerous international markets around the world. Many of RUME bags have been seen from various popular TV shows or magazines. Even in Hollywood people are carrying them making a scene for fashion lovers.

X The Bag

X The Bag

Whether you are strolling around a nearby supermarket or famous scenes while traveling, RUME KOREA’s Fuchsia All Rime just fits right in and makes your overall look picture perfect. This lightweight bag with several pockets can accommodate more items than expected and never wears you down. Just take this bag and make your trip memorable.

Bin Celedon Rume is known as a multi bag and looks somewhat very classic. It comes useful everywhere you go. Its green color can go in harmony with your surroundings. You can just put items into it and walk around. This plain looking bag is just perfect to enhance your sense of style.

In Korea, RUME KOREA’s CUFF GRASS RUME may sound very unfamiliar. But overseas, people love using it for exercises and hot drinks. You can wrap it around your wrist or arm, and a small attachment comes with a pocket for storing money or small accessories. For more information, you can visit

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