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November 30, 2012

LED Flat Light - Techsign Light Panel Co., Ltd.

TechsignLight Panel Co. Ltd. has fully focused on developing and producing eco-friendly edge types of LED flat light for indoor use since 2002, mainly exporting to USA, Europe and Asia. The LED flat light is environmentally friendly and well-being lighting that features cost-saving, long lifespan and excellent uniformity.

TechSign Flat Light has recessed troffers designed for low profile drop ceiling grid reducing height restrictive applications. It is ideal for standard commercial ceiling grids; typically used to replace standard 2’x2’ fluorescent fixtures.

Using Edge-Lit technology, TechSign Flat Light Luminaire causes no eye strain because they have no glare and provide uniform luminance so it is ideal for the offices, hallways or commercial applications.

Specifications: natural night color Temperature, size: 450×450, 600×150, 605×605, 595×595, 1215×150, 1215x300mm etc. Certifications: CE, ETL, High efficiency listed / LM-79 pending / DLC pending/ LM-79 / DLC qualified in a month.

• Techsign Light Panel Co., Ltd.
526, Sahyeon,Jeongan, Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-41)858-0762
E-mail: tony@techsignlp.com
If you want to visit the website of Techsign Light Panel Co. techsignlp.com/intro

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