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December 7, 2012

CANIMAL -Korean Animation

Animation format

  • TV Animation Season 1
  • Format: HDTV Series 52eps x7min.
  • Style: 3D CGI + real world scenes
  • Target audience:6-8 years old
  • Genre: slapstick comedy
  • Co-producers: BRB International, Screen21, BES, Aardman

Canimals is an animated television series by Voozclub. The compound word “Canimals” is formed from the words “Can” and “Animal. “Canimalsare cute, curious and mischievous creatures that come to the world through vending machines and pop up in everyday places to play and create havoc in their own adorable way.

The animation has been intended to be a global hit by combining VOOZCLUB’s character, imagination and vision with BRB and Aardman’s storytelling and music.

By blending real world backgrounds with captivating CGI and intriguing stories, the producers have come up with an animation series that will make viewers believe that these urban pixies may actually exist.

VOOZCLUB is a character branding company founded in 2009 by Calvin Kim, the co-creator of PUCCA,a character brand that has become a worldwide success over the past decade. VOOZCLUB has continued on the traditional character and animation path basedon the accumulated global business know-how from the successful PUCCA brand. Utilizing the clear understanding of the flow of global trends, VOOZCLUB is also involved in mobile games, web-game, publishing, theme spaces and DVD business.


CANIMAL -Korean Animation


CANIMALS is one of the first properties of VOOZCLUB that was aired throughout the worldin 2011.
VOOZCLUB sets its mission to foster Canimals into an attractive long-run design brandwithout distinction of sex or age.Canimals’ products pricing strategy should reflect the high quality andgreat design of a product line targeted to teen girls aged 8-12.

VOOZCLUB plans and produces 2D & 3D animation, creates characters and develops dreams into reality while also focusing on marketing and licensing to ensure success. VOOZCLUB has signed contacts with global partners and is now finalizing deals in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.



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