LARVA - Korean Animation

Animation format

  • Release: March 2011
  • Run time: 104eps, 2min.
  • Production format: 3D CGI
  • Production: TUBA Entertainment

Tuba Entertainment
Tuba Entertainment is an animation studio and character business company that has been involved in a number of international co-productions and award-winning animation series production. It has established its own character business models by successfully carrying out diverse projects such as “Vicky and Johnny,” “Oscar’s Oasis,” “Larva,” and “Wincle Bear,” which are targeted at the global markets. In particular, Larva is a very funny animated movie about two pests (larvas) named Red and Yellow.

Synopsis of Larva I
LARVA - Korean Animation
Two strange maggots, Red and yellow, live under the grill of a sewer drain where people pay little attention. In the secret place, they relish the things that people throw into the sewer, like chewed up bubble gum, melted ice cream, coins, you name it.
The two characters sometimes get into trouble, happy and quarrel over possession of these things. Also, simple matters to humans like rain, midday heat, mosquitoes and flies can bring them big troubles.

Synopsis of Larva II
LARVA - Korean Animation
Now the ingenuous “Red” & the simple “Yellow” come out of the drain and settle down in an old little house located between high-rises in the city.

They seem to enjoy leftover food and aged household stuffs and everything they find in the house is new devices for their entertainment. But there are always risky moments for them whenever they try to find new toys or food. They sometimes quarrel with each other over things, but face new danger together from the new creatures such as a dachshund, a parrot and a chameleon.

• Tuba Entertainment
Seong-sin Bldg., 53, Gangnam-daero, 132gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)512 2550
Fax: (82-70)4324 2237

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TOYO The Little Bus

TAYO - Korean Animation

Animation format

  • Release: Aug. 2010
  • Run time: 26eps, 15min.
  • Target audience: 4-7 years old
  • Production format: 3D / HD
  • Producers: ICONX, EBS, Seoul

In Seoul City, where the animation’s stories are set, the young bus Tayo that has just started learning his route in the city and various other vehicles live a harmonious life helping each other out. With helps from friends around him, the young bus Tayo learns how to solve problems facing him in daily life and gradually grows, while forming a friendship in the process. Viewing the Tayo’s daily adventures will help kids to naturally learn educational messages about how to respect individual differences including their own strengths and weaknesses.

In a big city where various vehicles are happily living, our little bus Tayo has just started learning his route in the city. There are lots more to learn for Tayo and his friends Rogi, Lani and Gani are helping each other becoming great mature buses. Also, there are taxis, police cars, transportation and construction equipment that will capture children’s imaginations and educate them about each vehicles duties.

The little buses are just like our kids audience – they play, they learn and they always help each other to get through troubles. While enjoying the exciting adventures of the little buses, the audience naturally learns the value of friendship and improves their abilities in socialization and communication.


TAYO - Korean Animation


Iconix Entertainment
Iconix Entertainment Co., Ltd. is an animation planning and marketing specialized company. Based on planning ability, know-how and a worldwide network that have been built through various project experiences at home and abroad, Iconix is engaged in the development of homegrown creative animation and character business. Iconix has been carrying out diverse creative animation projects such as ‘TAYO The Little Bus,’ ‘Pororo the Little Penguin,’ ‘Chiro’ and ‘Taichi Chaser every year.

Iconix is eager to find new export markets for its created animation and representative home-grown animations, while developing high value-added business of domestic animation such as publication, video, exhibition, musical performance, etc.

• Iconix Entertainment
18F, IT Castle II 371-16, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)2627-8091
Fax: (82-2)2627-8057

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CANIMAL -Korean Animation

Animation format

  • TV Animation Season 1
  • Format: HDTV Series 52eps x7min.
  • Style: 3D CGI + real world scenes
  • Target audience:6-8 years old
  • Genre: slapstick comedy
  • Co-producers: BRB International, Screen21, BES, Aardman

Canimals is an animated television series by Voozclub. The compound word “Canimals” is formed from the words “Can” and “Animal. “Canimalsare cute, curious and mischievous creatures that come to the world through vending machines and pop up in everyday places to play and create havoc in their own adorable way.

The animation has been intended to be a global hit by combining VOOZCLUB’s character, imagination and vision with BRB and Aardman’s storytelling and music.

By blending real world backgrounds with captivating CGI and intriguing stories, the producers have come up with an animation series that will make viewers believe that these urban pixies may actually exist.

VOOZCLUB is a character branding company founded in 2009 by Calvin Kim, the co-creator of PUCCA,a character brand that has become a worldwide success over the past decade. VOOZCLUB has continued on the traditional character and animation path basedon the accumulated global business know-how from the successful PUCCA brand. Utilizing the clear understanding of the flow of global trends, VOOZCLUB is also involved in mobile games, web-game, publishing, theme spaces and DVD business.


CANIMAL -Korean Animation


CANIMALS is one of the first properties of VOOZCLUB that was aired throughout the worldin 2011.
VOOZCLUB sets its mission to foster Canimals into an attractive long-run design brandwithout distinction of sex or age.Canimals’ products pricing strategy should reflect the high quality andgreat design of a product line targeted to teen girls aged 8-12.

VOOZCLUB plans and produces 2D & 3D animation, creates characters and develops dreams into reality while also focusing on marketing and licensing to ensure success. VOOZCLUB has signed contacts with global partners and is now finalizing deals in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.



Rm. 301, Hansin IT Tower 1st, 235, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
684-23, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)568-5038
Fax: (82-2)568-5038
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KEMY - Korean Animation

Animation format

  • Release: April 2011
  • Run time: 52eps, 15min.
  • Production format: 3D
  • Target audience: 5-7 years old

Synopsis of Kemy

Kemy is an animation series with some educational undertones targeting 5~7-year-old kids. The entire series is set against the backdrop of a supermarket. Viewing the animations, children will be able to imagine themselves in amidst all a supermarket has to offer. Children can join Kemy and his quest to figure out the answers to everyday questions which are answered in a 15 minute x 52 episode format. Kemy will be broadcast on EBS as well as on Korea’s cable TV channels such as Champ, Anibox, Anione, Aniplus, Animax, and on VOD through Korea Telecom’s QOOK TV.

Kemy has released a line of children’s toys which include plush dolls of Kemy and Tara, Gogo, a shopping cart, bubble guns, electronic instruments, toy cash registers, Kemy Cards, sticker books/coloring books, and reading books for children throughout supermarkets in Korea. Overseas Business “Kemy” is a fully animated TV series, co-produced by EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) and G&G Entertainment.

Built on successful broadcasting on EBS in Korea, the animation producers are accelerating the efforts to make inroads into overseas markets. Especially, G&G Entertainment which is in charge of distributing the TV animation series drew enthusiastic responses from European buyers when the company carried out promotional activities jointly with a European distribution partner at Mipcom/ Mipjunior, held in Cannes in this October.

Kemy is scheduled to be broadcast on Israel’s HopTV and Turkey’s ZebraTV, and the animation will be aired in other countries, including Thailand and the Middle East earlier next year.


KEMY - Korean Animation


G&G Entertainment

G&G Entertainment has set out to create unparalleled, highquality animation in Korea through character licensing, branding, distributions and co-productions.

With its extensive production experience throughout Korea, Japan and China, G&G has established itself as a global animation entity. Since 2000, G&G has introduced numerous characters and stories to young viewers and their families around the world. G&G will continue to bring quality family entertainment to animation fans here in Korea and abroad.

• G&G Entertainment
Rm. 301, Hansin IT Tower 1st, 235, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)2108-7077
Fax: (82-2)2108-7091
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Korea’s Cultural Items to be Expected as a New Growth Driver

Korean Animations


The South Korean pop music phenomenon, or K-pop, has emerged as the trendiest and hottest pop culture phenomenon in Asia and around the world, playing a significant role in spreading Hallyu or the “Korean wave,” which refers to the popular Korean entertainment industry and cultural items outside of the country starting in the late 1990s.

Unlike some pessimistic views that K-pop would be just a fad in Asia, K-pop has moved beyond Asia and started to make inroads into Europe and North America, where it is receiving attention in the mainstream media and leading to increased exports of the Hallyu contents. In 2011, South Korea’s cultural exports, which include films, music, television, comics and computer games hit a record $4.2 billion, up from $2.6 billion in 2009.

The K-pop idol groups such as Big Bang, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation have become popular throughout Asia and recently have begun mesmerizing fans on other continents. Not to mention Psy, who has become a global celebrity with his “Gangnam Style,” creating a worldwide dance craze, thus drawing good publicity about the Korean pop industry down the road.

It is little wonder that the Hallyu contents industry covering films, music, soap operas, comics and computer games is expected to become a new economic growth engine. Korea’s export-oriented economy has been heavily rooted in its manufacturingtextiles, construction, ships and steel to semiconductors, consumer electronics and mobile digital devices, contributing to growing the country as one of major Asian economies. Building on its strength in manufacturing hardware, Korea has strived to add some ‘soft’competence, thus improve its overall image abroad, while contributing to exports down the road in global markets.


Korean Games


Although many people agree that there are still a lot of challenges to overcome before Hallyu becomes a full-blown industry, it is true that Korea is one of handful countries whose cultural items – pop music, films and soap operas – appeal to people around the world. Korea is also home to many of globally or locally popular on-line games and animation characters, includingthe following ones: | Blog Magazine of Korean Products, brands, and goods