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December 7, 2012

LARVA - Korean Animation

Animation format

  • Release: March 2011
  • Run time: 104eps, 2min.
  • Production format: 3D CGI
  • Production: TUBA Entertainment

Tuba Entertainment
Tuba Entertainment is an animation studio and character business company that has been involved in a number of international co-productions and award-winning animation series production. It has established its own character business models by successfully carrying out diverse projects such as “Vicky and Johnny,” “Oscar’s Oasis,” “Larva,” and “Wincle Bear,” which are targeted at the global markets. In particular, Larva is a very funny animated movie about two pests (larvas) named Red and Yellow.

Synopsis of Larva I
LARVA - Korean Animation
Two strange maggots, Red and yellow, live under the grill of a sewer drain where people pay little attention. In the secret place, they relish the things that people throw into the sewer, like chewed up bubble gum, melted ice cream, coins, you name it.
The two characters sometimes get into trouble, happy and quarrel over possession of these things. Also, simple matters to humans like rain, midday heat, mosquitoes and flies can bring them big troubles.

Synopsis of Larva II
LARVA - Korean Animation
Now the ingenuous “Red” & the simple “Yellow” come out of the drain and settle down in an old little house located between high-rises in the city.

They seem to enjoy leftover food and aged household stuffs and everything they find in the house is new devices for their entertainment. But there are always risky moments for them whenever they try to find new toys or food. They sometimes quarrel with each other over things, but face new danger together from the new creatures such as a dachshund, a parrot and a chameleon.

• Tuba Entertainment
Seong-sin Bldg., 53, Gangnam-daero, 132gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)512 2550
Fax: (82-70)4324 2237

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