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June 5, 2020

Ryan’s Math Adventure

[INQ. NO. 2005C21] Ryan’s Math Adventure is a math comic book series for elementary schoolers to learn math through fantasy stories. Unlike traditional educational Comics, it has been developed based on global curricula by analyzing those used in four countries, namely, Korea, the United States, China, and Japan.
Mathematics concepts that have appeared in the curricula of any one of these countries are naturally infused into fantasy stories so that children can learn mathematical concepts in a fun way. Practising math professors and elementary school teachers have participated in the planning stage in an attempt to maximize the learning effect. Sold both in Korea and the United States, the math comic book Ryan’s Math Adventure has participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) of the USA, and has been well received by local publishers, agencies, and math teachers.

In 2019, a 3D animation sample based on a book was also produced for children to enjoy books via various platforms and media. This animation offers the story of Ryan who hates mathematics, traveling from the real world to the fantasy world, Math Continent, embarking on an adventure to fight against Pessia, a villain who tries to destroy all the mathematical knowledge in the world. By simply watching this animation, a child can naturally learn the concepts of math contained in the story.
Although there have been more than a few animations and video clips to educate children on mathematical concepts, Ryan’s Math Adventure is the most well-organized math learning program with the real-world context that allows children to learn elementary mathematics in the stories. Made in a total of five pieces in the ten-minute segments, the animation sample consists of Korean and English versions while seeking global investment chance for the whole series.

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