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December 7, 2012

KEMY - Korean Animation

Animation format

  • Release: April 2011
  • Run time: 52eps, 15min.
  • Production format: 3D
  • Target audience: 5-7 years old

Synopsis of Kemy

Kemy is an animation series with some educational undertones targeting 5~7-year-old kids. The entire series is set against the backdrop of a supermarket. Viewing the animations, children will be able to imagine themselves in amidst all a supermarket has to offer. Children can join Kemy and his quest to figure out the answers to everyday questions which are answered in a 15 minute x 52 episode format. Kemy will be broadcast on EBS as well as on Korea’s cable TV channels such as Champ, Anibox, Anione, Aniplus, Animax, and on VOD through Korea Telecom’s QOOK TV.

Kemy has released a line of children’s toys which include plush dolls of Kemy and Tara, Gogo, a shopping cart, bubble guns, electronic instruments, toy cash registers, Kemy Cards, sticker books/coloring books, and reading books for children throughout supermarkets in Korea. Overseas Business “Kemy” is a fully animated TV series, co-produced by EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) and G&G Entertainment.

Built on successful broadcasting on EBS in Korea, the animation producers are accelerating the efforts to make inroads into overseas markets. Especially, G&G Entertainment which is in charge of distributing the TV animation series drew enthusiastic responses from European buyers when the company carried out promotional activities jointly with a European distribution partner at Mipcom/ Mipjunior, held in Cannes in this October.

Kemy is scheduled to be broadcast on Israel’s HopTV and Turkey’s ZebraTV, and the animation will be aired in other countries, including Thailand and the Middle East earlier next year.


KEMY - Korean Animation


G&G Entertainment

G&G Entertainment has set out to create unparalleled, highquality animation in Korea through character licensing, branding, distributions and co-productions.

With its extensive production experience throughout Korea, Japan and China, G&G has established itself as a global animation entity. Since 2000, G&G has introduced numerous characters and stories to young viewers and their families around the world. G&G will continue to bring quality family entertainment to animation fans here in Korea and abroad.

• G&G Entertainment
Rm. 301, Hansin IT Tower 1st, 235, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)2108-7077
Fax: (82-2)2108-7091
If you want to visit the website of G&G Entertainment,

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