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December 18, 2012

BB CreamIn Asia, people believe in oriental beauty, but nobody knows exactly what it is all about. Where then does the secret of the oriental beauty come from? This question has been well responded, thanks to a Korean company LUVIEW.

Set up first in 2010 under its title “LUVIEW” that stands for Luminous View, LUVIEW has specialized in exploring and gifting beauty-seekers with the secret of the oriental beauty formula, which is also the ultimate answer to the above question. Based on what LUVIEW has found, the oriental cosmetic maker has successfully mixed carefully selected natural and optimized elements with today’s state-of-the-art technology. These success recipes results in LUVIEW’s strong product line up, especially for women who are in constant search for miraculous beauty ingredients that soothe their delicate skins.


Delving further into LUVIEW’s secret, the firm has found unique and oriental colors from the Mother Nature; they originate from radiating amethyst, crystals, pearls, corals, botanical tea extracts, etc. All these natural minerals certainly fix troubled skins and help them regain vitality and original beauty. For your natural facial skin condition with radiant and soothing effect, LUVIEW offers various items such as Crystal Cover BB Cream and Whitening Capsule BB Cream. If you are looking for beautifully defined long eye lashes, you can pick up LUVIEW’s Gleam Full Long lash Mascara. Are you ready to kiss with your lovely pink sexy lips? It is time to turn to Glossy Kiss. And Lemon Balm Bubble Cleansing Foam enables you to feel refreshed with mild lemon balm hub and bubbles. More product information can be found at

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